Tuesday, August 24, 2010

dire conditions

dire conditions

"You know I've never liked him." Jory was there at Molly's serving up scrambled eggs and toast.

 He hated Sal.

"Yeah, I know." She and Jory were best friends for the most part. They went way back. High school. "But, you had a crush on him. As I recall." Though, that was long before Jory knew him. Sal was just that guy who was with Michelle. Yeah, Molly couldn't quite shake the thought...  Sal was seeing her again.

"So. Not now. Believe me, he's not that great. You saved him. You did. And you can survive without him." Jory told her. Molly rolled her eyes. If he said she saved him from Michelle, she thought she might have to throw a plate of scrambled eggs at him.

 Michelle was always.. on again, off again even when Molly and Sal were just friends.

Molly looked around the apartment. Nothing was gone. Sal's big a s s computer was still here, in the livingroom. His video game collection was still on the shelf and his soft computer chair hadn't moved.

She bit her bottom lip. What did this mean? He'd been in a fit this morning. Stomping around like he might have been Mick Jagger's irrate grandkid.. how he had to get out of this place before he suffocated.

Molly looked back at Jory who had never had a boyfriend. Possibly never would. He was Hans Solo of a different kind. A very rare breed. He didn't sound gay, didn't have gay friends. Possibly he was locked in the closet and intended to never use the key. She hated the feeling of being as lonely as he. Even being his friend was lonely. Tears came to her eyes. She didn't mean to be upset. It was just a shock. A shock she couldn't quite get used too.

AND THEN... the apartment door opened. It was Sal.

 Jory looked to Molly who was trying to eat the eggs. Sal went straight to the bathroom.

"I thought you said he was gone?" Jory whispered.

"I dunno." Molly shook her head.

"I should stay." Jory looked like he was ready to throw Sal out.

"No, you should go. Go." Her words were rushed. She didn't want him here when Sal came out of the bathroom. "Go."

"Are you serious?" Jory's face tensed.

"Yes." Molly whispered. "I can handle it. I will."

Jory slightly fumed, threw in the tea towel and left.


heath and nick said...

I'm glad Jory is on her side. He should have stayed.

ellie said...

Its good to have a friend like Jory.

lucy and sarah said...

Darn, Jory left.

axel said...

Jory should have stayed.

meg said...

Hope they talk it out.

Sara Lynn said...

Poor Jory, looks like he wanted to be there for her. :(

Cafe Fashionista said...

Jory is such a good friend! :)

Hotcakes said...

well written :) ... hope things get better with molly and sal!

it's always great to have a gay friend.

holly O said...

So much to say to each other I'm sure.