Monday, August 30, 2010

never a wrong answer

never a wrong answer

"So?" Tess looked Molly over as if she might find some scars. But Molly looked really cute in her plaid kilt and Death Cab for Cutie Tee. Her gold knee socks were quite spectacular.

Of course, Tess wasn't sure about herself. Had Tess even combed her own hair this morning? She'd munched on a couple of crackers before she got to work in something that could have been gray sweat pants and a hoodie. She hoped no one noticed she wasn't following the dress code today. "So are you sleeping with him?" Tess winced.

Molly just shrugged as she looked through the Christmas music inventory in the backroom.

"What about S e x? You are total not gonna, right?" Tess wanted to know.

"Look, he needs to go to the dentist." Molly told her.

"What does that have to do with s e x?" Tess said out loud, then wondered who was listening. She looked through CDs  as if she knew what she was doing back here.

"Nothing." Molly looked at her. "I think if he felt better, then you know, he'd FEEL better." Molly stressed with her hands and clipboard.

"So you made up?" Tess asked.

"I dunno. Why don't we talk about you?" Molly asked.

"Nothing to talk about." Tess was in a dead stare.

"Don't you watch TV or something?" Molly questioned.

"I don't have a TV. If I did, I couldn't pick up a reception. I guess. I have You Tube." She admitted.

"That should take care of all your needs." Molly sighed as she was putting the music in order by artists.

"It does. It really does." Tess nodded.

"We should go out some time. You know, are you seeing anyone? We could all go to a club or something." Molly smiled.

"I'd be like a third wheel." Tess winced.  "You know, really I'm not seeing anyone." Tess might have faked a smile. Just then she looked up and saw that fellow Molly hated so much at the counter.


meg said...

some interesting developements. Tess is funny and odd.

ellie said...

hard to say if Tess is lying to herself or just to Molly.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Tess seems as if she's hiding something. :/

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

Love the name 'Tess'!
Thanks for dropping by!

ivy said...

Tess, she likes to start trouble. I think.