Monday, August 16, 2010

troubled waters

troubled waters

"What is wrong with you?"

Sal heard his brother's words, but he didn't know if he had an answer for him. He wished he'd told Kramer nothing about what was going on with him and Molly. As it was, he was in the basement where no one came to work, but him. It was just a matter of time before this job ended. He had less and less files to decipher these days, and he had all the time in the world to clean up spam and viruses in his brother's laptop.

"I dunno." Sal squinted.

"But, she's Molly. How could you do this to Molly?" Kramer went over how Molly was there for him when no one else was. "You would have never gotten that apartment if it hadn't been for her. You know, you'd still be sleeping on Mom's couch, right now, if it hadn't been for her. She's amazing."

"I know." Sal felt as if someone else was saying it. Not him. It was like their expiration date was way past due, perhaps. He knew he was holding her back. He knew she should have been in college. Not with him. He was dragging her down. He was. "Look, stop watching p o r n on your laptop." Sal said matter of fact and handed over the computer to Kramer.

"What?" Kramer squinted. "Whatever. Look, you don't want to be in the same boat I am. I-I wish I could go back. I miss Mia and the kids, so much. And-and its never the same, Sal. You'll regret this."

Sal  nodded. There was this chance to move in with his step-dad, who was the closet thing he ever had to a real father. He'd be away from everything here. His past. His s u i c i d a l tendencies. It would be a fresh start for everything. Sal looked at his big brother, blankly. He didn't want to be Kramer. He didn't. It was just he probably was Molly's Kramer. Although, it wasn't quite true. Not really. He'd told her things to make her mad at him.


ori said...

He's just making it worse.

meg said...

What in the world would make him do it?

Cafe Fashionista said...

This is really bad. :/

lucy and sarah said...

So off that he'd be like this.

ivy's closet said...

He's got troubles.

Sara Lynn said...

Hopefully he can work things out.