Thursday, September 23, 2010

another possibility

Really? What had Tess been expecting from Puck?

She hugged her pillow now. It was dark. Very dark. She was crying and alone. So very alone. He would probably never speak to her. Ever. He probably thought he was too good for her. And she thought he was probably right. Who would want to be here, in this mess?

Her tears were hot. She was making herself sick. What was she going to do with herself? She was one semester away from graduating college with a degree in sociology that was useless, she guessed now. Everything was fucked up. It was amazing she was this normal. Well, it was kind of a  happy thought, but not really.

Of course, if Puck had stayed, would it have been any better? She probably wouldn't think this much about him if he'd stayed. She guessed she was warped, that way. She definitely wasn't thinking about Dax. And she wasn't going to think about him. Definitely, not call him. Best to just leave that alone. Nothing to come back too.

No, she'd just think about Puck and how she could get him to come back. Maybe something else needed to be fixed or..she'd just have to think of something.

Just then she heard someone banging at her front door. Tess slightly flinched. She didn't think anyone could get in. She waited. Hoping someone would call the cops. But now he was yelling and she knew exactly who it was. Dax.

Tess remained still. It was quite. She almost drifted off to sleep, but then she heard someone on the fire escape close to her bedroom window. She was wide awake now. Tess reached for her phone and dialed 911.


ivy's closet said...

That would be so scary.

meg said...

Darn. This Dax is a creep.

ori said...

I hope she'll be OK.

She is Sara said...

Poor Tess, I really hope her and Puck have a chance to talk soon.

Dax is a creeper!!