Tuesday, September 7, 2010

diving in

Diving In

"Look, we have to be the part tonight." Molly smoothed down Sal's pink track suit jacket. Actually, it was hers, but he wore it more because he loved pink. Like a lot of her other clothes.

"OK." He sounded good with it. But he was still being fickle. Except, he was still calling her Babe and Honey..so maybe they were OK. He hadn't talked about Idaho or any other place. He'd given her the controls to his gaming system. Even boxed up the computer. He was going to go cold turkey. No more staying up for hours on end on some game. But he told her this might get worse before it got better. "I'm trying to conserve energy."

She so wanted to laugh at him because he really did like sleeping in a refrigerated room. Usually, she went to bed in long sleeved PJs.

"What part is that?" He looked at Molly then. about what she'd said about them playing the part.

"Tess thinks we broke up, and she's thinking this is a break-party." Molly smiled.

"Why do you have to tell her everything?" He grabbed his smokes. She knew he would never get far from them. He wouldn't even attempt to stop smoking.

"I don't. She just figures stuff out." Molly locked up and followed him down the stairs to his little black Mustang. It was vintage, but the floor was rusting out from the bad winters. He cranked it up and the Broken Social Disorder tunes soaked the interior with the surround sound stereo system.

"What? She's psychic?" Sal winced.

At least he didn't smoke in the car, but she figured most of the evening he'd be outside smoking instead of inside of the club with her. But they got situated right away. He got them vodka and juice. They wondered around in the crowd a bit. Naturally, no sign of Tess or Puck. Molly looked at her cell for the time. She sent Tess a text to see where she was. But she got nothing. Finally the band began to roar. She knew this was the start of a miserable night. Sal had already left to smoke a cigarette outside.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope things get better tonight. :/

ivyoaks said...

Lets hope this is something sweet.

ellie said...

He's in pink..what a guy.

Sara Lynn said...

lol I love that he wears her clothes, I hope he sticks with it. Looks like he is taking baby steps :)

meg said...

oh so interesting.