Saturday, September 11, 2010

endangered species

"Why am  I doing this, again?" Puck was on his cell with Sal. He'd have better luck with a cat that needed to be shot, than with Tess. He could feel it. This was not going to be pleasant. He left the message on Sal's cell and waited on the street for Tess. There was no parking lot where she lived. It was an old place, high above the downtown traffic. He guessed. It looked kind of scary from where he was.

"Sorry my hair looks s h i t t y and all." She was suddenly apologetic as she got in his truck which stunned Puck. "My shower head just gives me bad hair."

"I could take a look at that..if you want." Puck drove on as he knew the way to go, he hoped now. They drove passed the yuppie places to eat. Places where insurance salesman and major management could spend their money on weekends.

She didn't answer. He just watched the street. The less they talked the better this might be. He drove passed the mall where all the gang shootings had happened. It was now shut down. Really, Puck couldn't think this Rumors would be much better than the one shut down. Why in the hell were they putting themselves out there?

"We should have just gone to Stella's. You can play pool there." It wasn't too far from where he lived. It was far from the city, but he usually made good time to work. It wasn't that out of the way.

Tess was hugging her bag as if her life depended on it, or the fact she didn't really want him to get a good look at her. And he wasn't. He was just going to ignore her as much as possible.

"So you think they broke up?" She asked about Sal and Molly then.

"Doesn't really look like it to me." Puck wasn't sure he wanted to know. He was just Sal's friend. Not Molly's.

Tess nodded. "He cheated on her."

"No, he didn't. He just said he did." Puck believed him, too. Finally they found the establishment and parked in the gravel parking lot. Tess gave Puck a glare. Really, this was like pulling teeth. It hurt so much to have to get through this, but this was the closest thing he'd had to a date in 7 years.


lucy and sarah said...

They are pretty much seems.

ellie said...

Oh boy, will they ever get along.

ori said...

They are so interesting.

meg said...

Kind of funny..friends having a spat over friends.

ivyoaks said...

I feel for Puck. I am sure Tess will not be nice to him.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Sometimes opposites attract. :)