Monday, September 13, 2010

getting in the motion

Sal was waiting outside for them.

"You been out here all night?" Tess was swelled with anger. Sal could tell. He guessed he'd have to show her he wasn't that rotten of a guy.

"Not that long." He showed them the way in the darkness of the red lights streaming about. The music was loud and painful. Molly had vodka and juices waiting for them at a little table. She gave Sal a smile and kissed him which didn't please Tess very well, but it made Puck crack up. Tess gave Puck a festered look as he took the drink. She ripped his ball cap off and out came his dark rich head of hair. She had to play with it as if maybe she could put a show on for Sal. Molly too, who just hugged Sal.

"We should dance?" Molly said as loud as she could in his ear.

"Should we?" He'd have to be drunk first. Or just a little. The place was thick with people, and he really didn't want them to lose the table. So he gave a little Mick Jagger swagger and hoped that would be enough.

"Come on." She pushed him toward the dance floor. He shook his head, knowing he'd regret this, but everyone else was making an ass of themselves here.

Why hadn't he wore his ear plugs. This kind of violent sound could make him old fast. He already felt like an old man. He looked back at Puck and Tess. They were staying put. They'd decided to get out their cell phones. Sal just winced. What the hell were they doing? He then looked at Molly who was doing some moves he didn't know she knew. What in the hell was she doing?


Sara Lynn said...

Looks like it is going to be a crazy night.

meg said... never know what's going to happen at a place like that.

ori said...

I do wonder how they will handle this..Tess & Puck.

ivyoaks said...

Its good to see where the night will take you.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm eager to see what happens next!! :)