Friday, September 17, 2010

it couldn't be bad

"OH GOD...I think she likes him." Molly smiled at Sal. They were still moving around on the dance floor but not quite as foolish as some. Actually barely moving, but close. Almost stuck to one another.

"What?" Sal kept saying. Finally, she pulled him off the dance floor and pulled him near the restroom. It wasn't  until they got to the women's room that she told him what she thought of Tess and Puck.

"He could really be good for her." Molly was happy.

"Yeah, but she'll rip his heart out. He doesn't need that, Mol." Sal shook his head.

"Maybe it'll different, this time." She had her arm around his neck.

"Wishful thinking." Sal sighed. She held his hand then and they made it back to the table.

"I think we're gonna leave!" Tess nodded as if they'd had enough.

"Already?" winced Sal. He looked at Puck who gave him a shrug. Molly kept smiling. He saw Puck's smile. It was cute. Yeah, he really was a little boy at heart. She knew he liked Tess. She thought that's what all the smiling was about.

Anyway, they were leaving and Molly was ready to go home too. It was hardly 11 p.m. But they needed to get home.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Puck is so adorable!! :)

ellie said...

Well, I would be smiling too.

meg said...

So, I wonder who'll get lucky..hehhee.

ori said...

I wonder where its going.

ivy said...

Can't wait to see what's next.