Wednesday, September 29, 2010

misery loves company, sometimes

It felt so awkward being here in a very barren room. Everything was so clean. Nothing out of order, just the messy bed that Tess had left. She picked up the pre-paid phone that Puck left. It was as if he was pretty good at keeping her in hiding.

All he'd ask of her was that she not bring all her crap with her. "You think you can get by on just a little bit?" He'd helped her pack what she thought she might need. And she'd left the rest behind.

Her stomach was all topsy- turvy. She was so scared of Dax now. She wasn't really sure what he was capable of. He was sort of like a doberman. Not knowing if he would be loyal or not. She thought she was doing something rather cool when she'd asked him over. Now she thought she was a real nut.

"You're just making bad choices, that's all." Puck had talked her out of her hyperventilating moment, last night after the incident. "You're better than that. I can see it. You just have to see it. All right." He was so straight forward with her. It was so shocking and yet assuring that somehow, she would bounce back. She didn't want Dax to find her now.

She'd had dreams that he took her from work, and she went off into oblivion with him. She could barely breathe now.

"Did he hurt you?" Puck had asked. She told him no. But what if she was wrong? Could she change her mind, now. She squinted hard then as she waited on the phone to hear Molly's voice.

"Did you know he would be here today?" Molly said first thing. It was Molly's lunch break.

"Who?" Tess felt herself slightly shake.

"God, you know who, Tess." Molly's tone was dreadful.

"He asked for me?" Tess hated herself even more.

"Of course, he did? What have you been doing with him, Tess?" Molly wanted to know.

Tess didn't say anything.  She nursed her upper lip as tears came. She felt faint, but then she thought of her mother's words. You made your bed now sleep in it.


simon and josh said...

I do feel sad for her.

ellie said...

Well, at least she's with Puck.

Holly said...

Poor Tess. So much to worry about.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Awww...I truly feel horrible for her right now. :(

ori said...

Hope things get better for her.