Sunday, September 19, 2010

no time like now

Tess's place was practically a hoarder's paradise. Possibly, not that bad, but it could be. Puck had never seen anything quite like it. At least he could get in the bathroom. He had his tools. He went to work with the shower head. Just as he expected, pretty clogged up. Rust and hard water residue. He had something he could spray on it to loosen up the crusty wet stuff. He took it to the kitchen sink and rinsed it out.

Tess was silent as she bit on a fingernail. He just looked at her wanting to ask her why the place looked like this, but he was sure it was none of his business. Finally, he went back in and screwed on the shower head. It worked perfectly now.

"Can I take a shower?" She was staring at him from the bathroom doorway.

"Its your bathroom." Puck shrugged. He edged by her.

"Well, don't go anywhere, OK?" She played with the shower a bit. He closed the door behind him. He wasn't expecting her to take a shower right now, but whatever. He messed around with the faucet in the kitchen. Took a look at the trash disposal, and tightened up the pipes. There had been a drip under the sink. He wondered if she'd even noticed. He sort of doubted it.

She took a leisure shower. Puck had nothing to do but look in her empty fridge and some of the Real Simple magazines she had stacked in her livingroom along with a huge amount of library books with lines drawn through the barcodes. Puck skimmed through a couple of old books. Mostly classics like Last of the Mahicans and some Jane Austen books.

He heard the blow dryer once the water was cut. He waited some more. It was almost midnight now. Puck yawned. Finally, the bathroom door rattled open and she came to the livingroom barefooted with a towel wrapped around her.

"So what do you think?" She was all smiles. She wanted him to feel her hair so he did a polite touch of the hair on her forehead.

"Really nice." He nodded.

"Its not so oily now." She told him.

"Good." He stuffed his hands in his jeans pockets. "Well, then, guess I better go." He eyed a library book he'd looked at.

"Oh, those are dead." She sighed.

He wondered what else was dead here. Puck definitely wasn't going to wait to find out.


lucy and sarah said...

I do wonder too, why her place is like that. Really, interesting. Just wonder what Tess was actually, expecting from him.

ellie said...

Puck is amazing.

ori said...

Oh, if he only knew what she wanted.

meg said...

He is a good man.

She is Sara said...

Aww I feel bad that he doesn't want to stay.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Puck is such an awesome guy!! :)