Saturday, September 25, 2010

whatever might come

Puck blinked sleep from his eyes. It must have been the longest night ever. Not even the cigarette could give him a buzz to keep him going this afternoon.

"What happened?" Sal gave him a bad ass smile. They were on the roof. It wasn't too bad out. Just overcast. A storm brewing somewhere.

"Not much." Puck yawned. How come he felt a tad feverish now? "I fixed her shower."

"You would. You should just be a plumber or something. You might get more than you do here." Sal shrugged.

Puck nodded, but that didn't seem possible.

"So would you see her again?" Sal wondered.

"Guess so." Puck didn't want to make that much of it. She'd called and he'd came back and now Tess was at  his place. He had never seen anyone quite that frightened. Maybe the cops had caught the intruder. He was no where around now. She'd promised it would only be for the night, maybe a day or two. So he'd let her stay in the front room that used to be his sister's room. But he'd tossed and turned the rest of the night, thinking she was a mystery. And who was it that was after her? Was she part of the mob? The drug trade? It worried him that trouble might follow her, but it hadn't. At least not yet.

"You think she's weird, don't you?" Sal winced.

"A bit, but then, aren't we all? Puck noticed how dry his bottom lip was then. "Look, if I tell you, you can't start thinking there is something going on between me and Tess, because there's not." Puck sighed.

"Like what?" Sal looked at him.

"She stayed over last night, cause..cause I guess some dude is-"


"I didn't ask, but she's- Tess is pretty nervous about it." She was at his place right now. He hoped she hadn't decided she'd want him to get everything she owned. It was definitely extra baggage he didn't want.

"She OK?" Sal nursed his cigarette then.

"Guess so, but she was shook up-and you know, its just temporary." Puck gave him a glare then. "She's staying in my sister's room. That's all."

"Sure." Sal squinted hard. "Whatever."


ivy's closet said...

Well, I think that's a good man thing to do.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm glad he's helping her out! :)

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Em [the writer] said...

I like Puck.

meg said...

He's definitely a friend, indeed.