Friday, October 1, 2010

its not a new day yet

Dax was a first that Kramer had really gotten to know. He was off duty, and he thought it might do Dax good to have a descent meal.

"They won't throw you in jail." Kramer said about the library threatening to band him from the place.

Dax just nodded as if he knew he were in trouble. He had done his best the last few months to stay under the radar. He stared at the steaming cup of coffee. He had the evening breakfast special which included sausage and bacon along with fried eggs, hashbrowns and a stack of pancakes.

"What's got you so restless?" Dax had a job down at the meat packing plant. Kramer told him that was a good way to practice his Spanish.

"Uh..uh..girl." Dax finally looked him in the eye.

"We're not talking about jail bait, now are we?" Kramer cut into his eggs benedict then and slid the food off his knife into his mouth. He was a left hander and most thought he was a criminal to begin with. He guessed that was what he saw when he looked at Dax. Everyone thought he was criminal, but he knew Dax just hadn't had a very good start at home. Dax had been in and out of Boystown most of his life. He really didn't have an inkling about family.

"Its just - you know...I thought we had something." Dax took a sip of his coffee then.

"Well, women can be pretty misleading. Its best to just leave this one alone, and move on." Kramer just nodded as he went back to the creamy sauce on the eggs and toasted muffin.

Dax gulped down his coffee and started working on the pancakes.

"Its just- I don't know if I can." Dax told him after he'd finished up the platter of food.

"You've come this far. Don't fuck it up." Kramer gave Dax a glare then.

"Boys, we're not having a moment here, now are we?" The old waitresses butted in to fill their coffee cups. They both gave her a wince.

"Clearly lady, its really none of your business, now is it?" Dax growled back. "Besides, did I ask for anymore of your goddamn coffee?"

"Dax." Kramer gave him a stern look. "Its OK." He looked up at the pudgy woman and thanked her for the coffee. He'd have to make damn sure he paid extra on the tip this time. Didn't want her spitting on his food before she brought it to him.

Kramer knew he had to be the big brother Dax never had. He'd find a way to be family even when his own family didn't want him.


ellie said...

Dax is a piece of he's hanging out with Sal's brother..hmmmm.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Dax certainly gets around. :/

ori said...

Yeah, he gets around.