Friday, October 15, 2010

not just a sing along

How did it get so, cozy? Puck had to wonder as he sat there in the round booth at the corner of the diner. It was kind of a celebration. Tess got fulltime and well, it was the four of them. Puck liked that. Being a part of the group. Although, they weren't exactly family. Tess. Sal and Molly. But it felt enough, actually.

They were sharing food. He'd tried some of Tess' enchiladas and he gave her a fry. He hadn't meant to smile so much. "Tomorrow, I'm biting the bullet." He shrugged. "I'm going down to Wal-greens and getting my flu shot."

"I should too." Tess nodded.

"Good. Really. Better for all of us, you know." He nodded as if he'd take them all down there if he could.

"I never get one." Sal was indifferent.

"I think its a conspiracy." Molly smirked.

"Come on, are you two kidding me." Puck laughed at them. But they were serious. "You believe this shit?" He looked at Tess.

"Whatever." She wasn't going to hold it against them. "I think they like getting sick and staying home to take care of each other." Tess slightly teased.

"Yeah, Puck would you even take care of Tess if she got sick?" Molly took a sip of her hot black coffee.

"Why are we making this about me now?" Puck winced with a laugh. This wasn't about getting the flu at all, he then figured out. These two were really trying to make something happened between he and Tess. Puck looked over at Tess. What were they expecting? Exactly? Couldn't they just all be friends and get along? He didn't need any benefits.


lucy and sarah said...

Puck's a good guy.

meg said...

Its funny how people think about flu shots.

ori said...

Puck is so sweet.

ellie said...

Oh, I think he's happy to be with them.

She is Sara said...

He seems pretty comfortable with them :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm glad that they're all happy. :)