Tuesday, October 26, 2010

not much left behind

Tess slowly got the apartment culled out. Actually Puck did a huge part of it. They took many of the books to various places around town. Some to Good Will. Others to shelters. It was the books she'd kept, mostly. Really. She didn't have that many clothes. Just from thrifting. She really had never been a big spender because she didn't have any money to spend.

Still, after the clothes were packed she thought she was done.

"No, you're not done." Puck informed her. He picked up a framed photo. "You do know these people, right? You just didn't decide to pick this up at a yard sale?"

She took it from him, wondering if she even needed the family photo. Wasn't like they were around, anymore.

"So who is it?" Puck gave her a look that he'd like for her to solve the mystery.

"Just..just me and my sister." She made an effort to smile. "And my..mom." She sucked in a breath, dropped it in a box without much care. She looked around the place. It was empty enough. One of the neighbors wanted the couch. It was free. Really her old bed wasn't much. They'd already dragged it down to the curb.

"You think you've had enough today?" Puck wanted to take one more look at the photo, but she taped it up.

"Yeap, we're done." She kept quiet, thinking, she'd gotten it right. About her sister and her mother. Only, it was a picture of her and her mother and her grandmother. Her face flushed.  She thought she might be feeling faint. She really didn't know where her mother was. And if she came looking for her, by chance, but she doubted it, her mother wouldn't know where to find her. She wasn't one of those, hooked on the Internet. It made Tess blue feeling her mother was never going to look for her. Besides, she was the one who told everyone  Tess was her little sister, anyway. And her grandmother wasn't much better. Oh, she was around. Usually, she could tell Tess what she could have been. If only she'd married the right guy.

Tess smiled then. She didn't have one picture of Grant left. She was glad Puck didn't have a chance to bring him up.


better days said...

I feel kind of sad for her. Sounds like things are not great with her family.

meg said...

Hmmm..I wonder if her Mom will be around soon?

Cafe Fashionista said...

She has it hard. :(

Holly said...

I think she's overcome a lot.

She is Sara said...

Poor tess, but it looks like she is making some progress :)