Sunday, November 28, 2010

another lazy day

Honestly, Sal could hardly stand the racket on TV, but the home team was winning. He was keeping Puck company. Of course, Puck was in full throttle of the game. He'd yell at the TV for every technicality. Sal would mimic him. Sal was not really a football fan, but he'd try his hardest to fake it. As it was, the girls were out and he was only here to pick Molly up.

Thanksgiving had gone smoothly. No, Mom to wait on. Kramer had taken her out with the rest of the family to eat. He'd had his kids for Thanksgiving. Perhaps it was a pre-Christmas celebration. Sal was glad he'd missed it. More time to relax, be with Molly, but not too much. He knew when he annoyed her. So he let her have time with her friends. Usually, it was Jory, but he was out of town. It seemed he'd met someone on the Internet. Sal kept telling her not to worry, but she did. Hopefully, Tess had taken her mind off things.

"I bet they're shopping." Sal nursed a beer.

"Huh?" He was distracting Puck from the game.

"I bet Tess gave in. Let Molly have her way. They probably found a sale on DVDs." Sal winced.

Puck shook his head and drank his beer, popping a crinkled potato chip in his mouth. He was stretched out with his feet on the coffee table. Really, they were lounging around the livingroom. Sal would give anything to take a nap on the sofa. He almost was.

Just then the doorbell rang. Instantly, Sal thought Puck should not answer it. There was just a bad vibe he felt. But Puck got up with his flannel shirt unbutton and his gray wife beater showing and went to the door. He pulled up his saggy fade jeans that had slipped past the top of his black boxers.

" Tess here?" A male voice asked. Sal jumped  to see if he was who he thought it was. Dax. He knew about him. In fact he knew he could be Puck's evil twin brother. But that wasn't him. Sal winced. He didn't know who in the hell was looking for Tess.

"No. She's-she's not here." Puck said in the most dull voice. He didn't give him anymore information than that. This dude looked to be doing well for him self. A shiney silver sports car. V-neck sweater and dark slacks and real smooth leather loafers.

"But you know her, right?" There was a concerned tone in his voice.

"Yeah, I do." Puck popped the screen then and let him in.

"Then-" The fellow gave Puck the look over. "Sorry, my name's Grant." He kind of grinned, but it didn't last long. He offered to shake Puck's hand.

"Puck, Puck Jamison." Puck gave him a hard handshake.

"I was in town, visiting family. I'm down in Kansas City. And-" He hesitated. Puck offered Grant a seat. He sat in Puck's big recliner that was the destination of all of Puck's TV watching. "And I asked around about her, but no one seemed to know. Except somebody I remembered she'd worked with, but that lady is retired from the library now she gave me this address."

Puck shrugged. He offered Grant a beer then.

"Well, she should be home any moment now." He told him.

Grant took a long drink from the beer.

"I don't know if-" He sighed then. "I just wanted to see how - how is she?" He stared at Puck then.

"Fine." Puck slightly shrugged. "She's got this stalker boyfriend, but he hasn't been around lately."

"What? Do you know who it is?" Grant winced in concern.

"Not really, she doesn't talk about him much." Puck was even lipped.

Sal hugged himself then. He saw that sad look in Grant's face.

"Why do you care?" Sal then glared at Grant. "You her big brother or something?"

Grant licked his dry lips then and took another drink of his beer. Sal had to wonder if he'd wait around or not for Tess.


meg said...

I do wonder what Grant wants.

better days said...

questions..questions..from everyone.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Hmmm...Grant's appearance makes me a bit uneasy. :/

ivy said...

I wonder what he wants?

She is Sara said...

I have to say, Sal is such a sweetheart, he really cares for his friends :)

Em [the writer] said...

I don't trust Grant at all.