Friday, November 26, 2010

the bleak black Friday

"Oh MY  GOD!" Molly was still having a laugh over it with Tess. "You had no idea that Jamie Campbell Bower's character was going to be Dumbledore's lover?" She had to tease Tess a little. Of course, she wasn't exactly getting the reaction she was looking for. She was expecting Tess to at least have a tiff with her over this.

They'd managed through Thanksgiving rather swell. She and Tess had worked on the stuffing and pies while the boys had an adventure in the back yard with the turkey. Thankfully, they'd fried it outside. They'd been on pins and needles watching. Thankfully, Puck had not burned himself and the turkey came out tender and lovely.

Still, she was getting texts from her mom and cousins about holiday shopping. Where was she?

She and Tess were at the art museum. No one was there. They had the place to themselves. One white room after another with art pieces from around the world. Even clothes from French peasants. How fashion was invented for Kings and Queens.

"I don't want to talk about it." Tess had her pad and pencil. She'd decided to draw some Victorian women in a park. The masterpiece took up most of the wall.

"Its just a movie?" Molly winced sitting next to her, not so prepared to spend hours sketching. "Why do you even care?"

Tess shook her head. "Its not the movie." She croaked slightly. She went back to her work sitting there on the cushioned platform. Molly laid back, ready to take a nap. She yawned. "So what is it?" She asked with her hands behind her back.

Tess studied the dark painting for some time. Molly sneaked a peak. Tess's drawing looked even more dreary. She kind of hoped that wasn't her Christmas present, but she was sure Sal would love it.

"Look, I know everyone thinks my life ended when I left Grant at the wedding. Its just-" She squinted her eyes tight as if she wished not to think about it. "I know how you love Jory so much. Its just..when you are on the other side of it, its not all cheery and bright." She sucked in a breath then.

"OH MY GOD." Molly flung herself up. Her honey hair came around her face. "GRANT AND JORY?" She  glared at Tess.

"God, no, it was not Jory." Tess rolled her eyes. "I dunno who that guy was. I don't care. OK?" Tess looked at Molly then. "Its over, and I'm fine." She shut her pad then as if she knew their time was up, here. The lit trees in the park were near by. It was almost twilight. "Its just I don't think Jory is the angel you pretend he is."

Molly just nodded as they found their way to the park.

"Oh, and I've been calling Dumbledore, Dumbledorf all this time, too." Tess gave her a quick smile.

Molly just smiled. She looked to the sky. It was cold enough for snow. She wished on a star then for snow. It was time for cocoa with lots of whipped cream.


She is Sara said...

Wow, lots of emotion but it ended on a sweet note :)

ellie said...

This was kind of funny, yet serious.

ivy's closet said...

Definitely, an interesting topic. I do want to know more about Grant.

meg said...

I feel about Grant. Funny, other part.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Grant is an interesting new subject. :)