Wednesday, December 22, 2010

his bad side

"Well, if that doesn't take the cake." Sal didn't see how his brother could get Dax a job like that. He and Molly had talked about this subject for quite a bit. As it was there were all these security checks people had to go through for jobs at the City, but in this case, they just needed a good mechanic for these old trucks that cleared the streets.

"And you, you forgot to mention Jory got that shelving job. Isn't he suppose to be a TA of some sort now at the University?" He'd found this out from Tess a few days ago. "Were you gonna just let that slip?"

"Tell me you're not jealous?" Molly looked at him as if she was in no mood to meet Tess and Puck at the mall. She was pulling up her gray leg warmers over her skinny jeans there in their small livingroom.

"Me? Jealousy? What on earth for?" He was wanting a smoke, but the cold air out on the patio made his chest hurt. Really, he so wanted to be some place warm. Like the beach.

"I dunno. Its a lot like you wanting something for Christmas, then not." She gave him a glare.

"OK, get me something. All right? Three presents each. Can't spend more than twenty on each one." He informed her. She gave him an odd look.

"OK, just one really good Christmas present then. Satisfied?" It seemed he would have to be quiet about Jory. They were on a mission here. He hoped she hadn't bout that gay friend of hers, anything for Christmas.


better days said...

That's all we need these 2 in a tiff.

ivy's closet said...

Oh, Sal, better simmer down.

meg said...

Oh, Sal..what a deal.

She is Sara said...

I like Sal, but he is cranky!

Cafe Fashionista said...

I wish Sal would chill out. :/

Holly said...

Sal can be a pain.

autumn said...

What could really be on Sal's mind.