Tuesday, December 7, 2010

jumping in

"This Christmas sucks." Sal decided. Especially when he found out Kramer was seeing his old girlfriend Michelle. But he had left it... Christmas sucked with Molly. Of course, he could see she didn't like that line. She walked away. He was waiting for her to get off from work. He followed her around the circle of new books. "Sorry."

A part of him wanted a cigarette, but he knew it wouldn't help. He'd try to make it up to her. She always like cheese and broccoli soup on cold windy evenings like this. He'd take her to her favorite place to feast on bread bowls and a good wine might help too.

He went off to call his brother then.

"What's gotten in to you?" Sal winced, thinking of the two, he'd spotted just yesterday at the grocery store. It felt more like a spy mission, afterwhile. They were together. Didn't he know to stay away from her?

"Hold on," Kramer made a guess. He too, was getting off work. "I know what this is about. You can't go picking who I will and won't see." That was then he told him how Michelle had been at Mom's. And one thing lead to another. "She needs a friend."

"I see." But Sal was thinking she needed a father to her baby. She was a mess. She'd married a soldier who was off to Afghanistan just to get his insurance. She was a manipulator.

"Don't tell me you have feelings for her?" Kramer jumped to the conclusion.

"No, I don't." Sal winced hard as he looked back to see Molly was getting her coat and bag. "Listen, just don't get involved. You'll be sorry you did. She married now. Let that someone take care of her, will you?"

Really, Sal was getting sick at his stomach. He hoped some food and drink helped. But he had to get this off his chest. Molly needed to know.


the Oaks said...

I wonder what Molly will tell him???

simon and josh said...

Michelle sounds like a piece of work..most definitely.

ellie said...

Oh, doesn't sound like the best dinner conversation...coming up.

lucy and sarah said...

Oh, Sal, He doesn't want to put Molly in a bad mood does he???

Cafe Fashionista said...

Michelle could be a problem. :/

autumn said...

cheese and broccoli soup -- nice description of her. i like that.

She is Sara said...

I have such a soft spot for Sal. I hope this goes okay..:(