Friday, December 24, 2010

like a destiny calling his name

It was a relief when they left. Dax couldn't help but get into Puck's house. It was a shame they hadn't decorated the tree. A part of him wanted to put up the decorations, as if it were his house. If only that were true. If only he could be Puck for a moment or too.

He looked in the fridge and ate the left overs. Tess hadn't finished her burger. He wondered why. He got it out of the trash and ate it. Finished off the fries too.

This Puck was probably made of money and cheap. Very well, cheap. Wasn't that the way those with money worked. They had it, but never spent it. And he lived in this dump. Damn, old farm house.

He really wasn't after anything in particular. Dax took a look from one room to the next. It looked as if Tess had her own room. He found that rather interesting. Tess wasn't sleeping with Puck. This gave Dax a real laugh. How entertaining was that. What was this Puck? A priest or something?

Well, there was a couple beers in the fridge. He took a couple. Made himself at home in front of the TV. He caught up on the news. Wasn't like he really watched it, or anything.

Finally, he got up to relieve himself. He guessed it was time to get back to what he'd started to do. Stay in Tess's room. The closet was roomy enough. It was a good hiding place. Perfect for tonight. A grin came to Dax's face. This would be a test after all..just to see if she really could tell them apart.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Sometimes being someone else isn't all it's cracked up to be! :/

ellie said...

So scary.

ivy's closet said...

What will he do???

lucy and sarah said...

This is looking kind of wicked.

meg said...

I'm afraid to know what he might do.

Syed said...

He is creeeepy!