Saturday, December 18, 2010

a natural reaction

Dax couldn't help but look at Tess. He just kept finding himself wanting to stare. He knew he shouldn't. He promised Kramer to leave her alone. As it was he was grateful to have the job. He really needed the money. As it was he lived in a motel room where you could stay a day or a life-time. It wasn't much. But it was warm and he had an address now.

Kramer had helped him get the job at City. He would only work on the snow plows and trucks that needed fixing. He was after all a descent mechanic. He'd worked on cars all his life. And then there was his two years in the army where he worked on jeeps. He'd never really seen combat. And he'd been kicked out of the guard when he got out of the army. It wasn't exactly because he'd been the worst solider. He got fat. Forgot to go to the meetings. He ended up in debt to the government. But after he finally paid that off, well, he lost the weight and made his money generally at the pool halls.

Honestly, he'd only been lucky with one lady and she didn't look at him now as if she'd been so lucky. But he'd treated Tess good. Didn't she know that?

Well, he knew where she lived now. And maybe, and maybe she hadn't completely forgotten about him. To him, it looked like she wanted somebody just like him. But he was pretty sure he and this Puck were like night and day.

Night and Day he kept thinking as he sipped his cold tea and ate at the potato salad. He wolfed down the sandwich as if he'd need another. Or perhaps he was only an animal. He said nothing to no one. And yet, he couldn't help to stare at Tess. He knew he could make her happy. He knew he could.


lucy and sarah said...

He's so warped.

better days said...

Interesting about his past.

ellie said...

Dax is interesting.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Dax always piques my interest. :)

autumn said...

Night and day. Oh, Dax.

She is Sara said...

I actually feel pretty bad for him now :(