Friday, December 3, 2010

not quite lies

"We  must be engaged now." Puck couldn't help but smile about it. He went to brush his teeth after everyone had gone home. It was still early. All was quiet.

"Just shut up about that." Tess looked tired but still wired. She put tooth paste on her tooth brush then.

He smiled and washed his mouth out. She brushed her teeth while he walked around barefooted in his flannel plaid pants checking to see that all doors were locked. He came back to the bathroom doorway just to see Tess putting moisturizer on her face.

"So he's the one who fucked everything up?" Puck wanted to know.

"It was my fault." She quickly said.

"I dunno. He's sooo perfect. Something just can't be right. But you figured it out, before you married him." He nodded as if this was the truth, even if were just a guess. It was best to be on her side. After all, he lived with her. Puck crossed his arms and watched her.

"You don't know everything." She cut past him. Her fingers almost touched his wrist.

Why hadn't he kissed her, already? Was it too late for that?

He did want to be her friend first. That might be all he'd ever be. His throat tensed then. Wishing for something to say. But it was too late, she shut her bedroom door.


meg said...

I love Puck.

lucy and sarah said...

I just hope its not too late.

autumn said...

Aww. Puck. You're so beautiful. <3

Cafe Fashionista said...

Puck is becoming one of my favorite people! :)

ivyoaks said...

oh..he's just irresistible even in his quietness.