Wednesday, December 1, 2010

nothing to know

It wasn't exactly a blast from the past when Tess saw Grant sitting there in the livingroom. She went straight to her room and slammed the door shut. Puck cut the TV. It was quiet.

She knew there were things she could say to Grant. Maybe. If she could just compose herself. But did she really feel the need to? She thought she heard whispers. Maybe it was outside her door, or just in her head. Really, there was no need to face him now.

Tess, pushed off her black high tops and laid on her bed, thinking if she closed her eyes long enough...she might just disappear. She sighed deeply, knowing that wasn't going to work.

Wasn't she the one who left him high and dry? She had to get her part straight. Think, how she could be a little high strung. She kind of smiled thinking how she'd tore up that bride bouquet in no time, ripped her veil and tossed it to the side as she'd walked down the street that late evening. She thought of the people waiting in line, across the street to get in the place where their reception was suppose to be. She'd turned heads.

No, she had nothing to say to him. Nothing at all. She tried to keep calm. She meant to. She would try.

A tap came to her door. There might have been a tear in her eye, but she wouldn't bother with it.

"Hey, you know you've got company, don't you?" Puck edged in.

Tess rose up on her elbows then and shook her head no, but the tears boiled up anyway and her face flushed as a hot tear slipped down her face.

"It'll be all right." Puck promised. He rushed in and she cried on his shoulder. She held him close and he didn't resist. "He just wants to know, if you're all right."

"What did you tell him?" She tried to clear her throat but it felt parched and raw.

"That you were fine." Puck told her. "But he wanted to see you."

Tess pulled away from him. She looked up at him. He reached for a tissue then. She blew her nose hard, wondering if she should get this over with.

"Did you want me to stay?" Puck asked. She shook her, no, but did just the opposite. Tess hugged him again, noticing she'd got his shirt wet.

Another tap came. This time it was Molly. Puck just nodded to her as he sat by Tess then. Tess took his hand, and he just stared at her hands. He let out a breath. The bed wobbled then and there was Grant in the doorway.

Tess figured out then, if Grant did sit down it would be on the other corner of the bed. She really wished she'd thought about putting a chair in the room. Maybe a sofa, a place to read. Well, she read in bed, anyway. Ate her cereal in bed in the morning too. There were a lot of things she did alone in this room. Suddenly, it felt crowded.

"I didn't - I didn't mean to interrupt anything." Grant hesitated, but he did sit down. She didn't think he would, but he did.

She stared at him as if she had an interpreter here, and he'd answer any questions he had.

"I thought you might have fallen off the face of the earth, for all I knew." Grant told her. "I called. I left messages. I sent you letters. They were all returned. So I decided I would be fine with that, but I wasn't." He dug something out from his slacks. "Here's a check." He handed it to her.

"For what?" She squinted. She figured she owed him money from the wedding.

"I guess it was too late to return the gifts." He shrugged.

She looked at the check, squinting hard, just what kind of gifts had they been given? This was a five thousand dollar check. A chill went through her. She didn't know what to say.

"I couldn't." She could barely breathe. She'd never been handed over money like that.

"No, no, no..its yours. I'm sure you can think of something to do with it." He was calm. Always Mr. Calm.

But she felt the tears swelling inside.

"I bet you two could use it. You know, for the house, or a honeymoon." Grant smiled.

"Yeah, a honeymoon." Puck hung on to her hand and nodded with a smile.

Tess tried to chuckle.

"So you're engaged?" Grant's grin was opened.

"Engaged?" Puck said. "Well, we haven't really decided on a ring. We're taking our time."

Tess gave him a dead stare.

"She's kind of picky." Puck nodded.

"She does like pearls." Grant remembered.

Tess just sighed. She kept looking at the check. It was her money. Grant left before she ever thought about saying, thank you.


autumn said...

Puck is handsome. *_*

meg said...

Aw, I'm glad he was there for her. & she got money! Wow!

Holly said...

Wow. I'm glad Puck is there for her. Kind of a white lie though.

Cafe Fashionista said...

She's lucky to have Puck right now. :)

She is Sara said...

wow, awkward! But at least she got it over with!