Thursday, December 16, 2010

suddenly, this winter

Tess had had a nightmare about Dax. She thought she was with someone else. And it had turned out badly. He'd handcuffed her and whisked her way in his truck. She'd awoke in a sweat and wondered what it meant. Of course, she got ready for work without even breakfast. That's what happens when one wakes up late and no one warms the car up for you in the dead of a winter snow storm. It was blinding white out. She thought she might have slipped off to the North Pole. And it wasn't welcoming her.

Even so, in the car, warming up, she imagined Dax, appearing. Possibly asleep in her back seat, or just getting in her car and telling her to drive. She'd never had this kind of fear before. It was baffling. Perhaps she was coming down with something or going complete mental.

"Whats wrong with you?" Molly kept asking.

"Why? I look that sick?" She knew she should be happy. She had money in her bank account. It was time to pay some rent. Possibly get someone a well deserved Christmas present.  She wanted to be happy this Christmas. She should be. Only Dax was holding her back and he wasn't even around.

"We have the City Christmas party to attend." Molly looked at her watch.

"Right now?" Tess looked at her as if she was in no mood for Christmas, but it was mandatory for fulltimers to go.

Thirty minutes later they were in line to get their pulled pork sandwiches and slices of huge cheese cake, down at the community center. Tess was in a daze. She didn't feel well. She felt practically ill. Just as she was plopped down with her sandwich and all the fixings that she didn't want a part of, she looked across the room. There he was. Plain as day. Hair pulled back behind his ears. He looked as if he might be a mechanic of some sort. Molly shook in disbelief. Puck really did look a lot like Dax.


ivy's closet said...

That would ruin my day if I saw him.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I don't blame her for being upset at seeing him. :/

better days said...

scary moment.

She is Sara said...

That has to be crazy! Plus, they look alike, poor girl.