Wednesday, January 19, 2011

checking it twice

"OK, maybe I was all wrong about this." Tess shook her head. No way were Molly and Sal going to be moved in by the end of the month. Her hands were on her hips as she looked at the closet that she hardly remembered this full, before. But she was a pack rat. Puck on the other hand, just lived on the essentials.

She could see him walk on foot 200 miles from South Dakota in the dead of winter just with the clothes on his back and be fine. Perhaps he liked his women that way too. No makeup. Just the barest of essential and of course, could kick ass like Zena.

It was true, romance was not part of Puck's nature. He was handy and he took out the trash, but other than that, he was right at home watching her cook.

So everything was back in the box, she thought. But then he came in and took everything off the hanger like a robot and rehung it in his closet. She looked at him. Well, maybe she had trained him in some domestic areas that she didn't realize. He had the closet, where she'd stayed, empty in about fifteen minutes.

"Did you even have anything in here?" She walked back to their room and looked at his closet that looked just about as identical as the one she had before.

"My snow boots and work boots are by the door." He shrugged. He kept his coat on the hook hehind the front door. Yeap, he was always ready for an emergency. He really should have been a fireman by the way he was organized.

He didn't waste anytime getting the vacuum. After that he took down the bed and vacuumed one more time.

"They were going to bring their own bed, weren't they?" He looked at her as if she'd better call them.

"I suppose. I'm pretty sure Sal is fond of that bed. It was the first thing they ever bought together." She remembered Molly talking about it. How happy she was about the queen sized bed. Tess was beginning to think that was the only reason why she hadn't left him. Or maybe it was him who wouldn't leave. It was all because of the bed.

"Am I suppose to move them?" Puck stood there as if he had nothing to do. He looked at his watch.

"God, no. They can get their ass' over here. You've done more than enough." She winced. Not that she wanted to be left alone. She'd even go to the hardware store with him if that would help. She wanted to be surrounded by others. She caught her breath then.

"What?" He looked at her.

"Nothing." She couldn't dare bring up Dax. She'd done her best to forget about him. She probably wouldn't be sleeping with Puck if it wasn't for him. Everything would be so calm. Possibly like watching a stream die quietly. But now they had Molly and Sal moving in. It would be good. It would all be good, again. Soon.


meg said...

Aw..maybe he's just shy when it comes to romance.

ivy said...

I like he is helpful. Maybe he'll warm up to her. I hope.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope that everything will fall into place. :)

Cait said...

I hope its going to be a good thing.

ellie said...

Oh..I do want to see things grow between them.

Yesha said...

I also hope what everyone is hoping for. :))

better days said...

I think its the hardest when you get in that friend mode, and you don't exactly mean too.

simon and josh said...

This might be like pulling teeth.

It's a Girl said...

i think he is just shy about this, but maybe they can grow closer (:

Meg said...

I hope things work out in the end.