Tuesday, January 11, 2011

getting the picture

"OH MY GOD!" Squealed Sal, "Are you kidding me?" He hugged Puck tight. He couldn't believe it. This was the break he and Molly had been waiting for. He had no idea this could happen.

There he and Puck were in the old boiler room getting ready for a smoke and Puck pops the question. Well, of course, they'd take him up on this offer. A farm house, at that. Didn't he know how lousy it was to have such noisy neighbors in that apartment they were stuck in? There was always something going on. He thought even some gang activity might have been going down, for all he knew. As it was, Sal hid in his apartment.

He was ecstatic. Sal couldn't help but smile all over. He sighed then as he lit his cigarette. He took a drag and let it sink in. A bubble of laughter grew inside him, as it hit him. Tess and Puck? Together. He chuckled.

"What's so funny?" Puck winced.

"You dirty dog," Sal smiled. "Why didn't you tell me you hooked up with Tess?"

"Oh, that..." Puck shook his head. "Its..its not what you think. We just..you know, it being winter and all. Nothing is going on."

"Nothing?" Sal winced hard as he pulled a speck of tobacco from his tongue. "You sleeping with her?"

"Yeah, but-" Puck shrugged.

"How can you sleep with her and not fuck her?" Sal shrugged back. "I mean, I'd have to, you know. I would." He sighed.

"OK." Puck turned away. As if he didn't need to hear this.

"I gave Molly an STD, once. I mean, that was when we first met, and I didn't know. Not like it would happen again, but I-" Sal nursed his bottom lip as he shook his head. "I love her, man. But that kind of came later. And stop looking at me, that I'm some fuck'n bunny, you know." Sal gritted then. "Thats my brother, for you. You think, I'm bad..well, Kramer. Jesus, he's ..God, always fuck'n around." Sal shook his head as he danced around with his cigarette.

"I didn't say anything." Puck then winced. "But you and Molly, are good?"

"Yeah, my one only. Honest to God." Sal nodded as he sucked on his cigarette. "Believe me, I'm not putting her through anymore shit. Hell, she got me a fuck'n new car." He smiled then. If there had a been a bible he would have swore on it that he'd always be faithful to Molly.


meg said...

Sal and his honesty. hmmmm....

better days said...

I can't believe he told Puck that. He is an interesting character.

Holly said...

I liked this one...sooo much.

Cait said...

How did she ever want him...but I have a lot of friends I could ask this question too.

It's a Girl said...

woah puck.

lucy and sarah said...

Sal is an interesting fellow..I'm hoping he's a better person now.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Sal is most definitely blunt. :/

She is Sara said...

I know he is crazy-blunt, but I really like Sal.