Friday, January 28, 2011

little glitches

"OK, I want to let you in on..a little secret." Tess' eyes were only on Puck as they sat there alone in the kitchen for breakfast. She'd gotten up early to make pancakes, which really wasn't like her, but Puck didn't have anything against it.

True, he felt they might have been at a stand still on the roommate thing. Anyway, his back still ached from all the moving and a part of him wanted to go back to bed and get more sleep. He yawned then as he nursed his coffee. Molly and Sal were still asleep.

"A little secret?" He winced. "About what?"

"Oh, Sal is ..I dunno. I won't say he's wicked, but he can be kind of pathetic." Tess set their pancakes out so they could eat.

Puck bit into a slice of crunchy bacon. He had to admit nobody cooked bacon to perfection like Tess did.

"I keep thinking if I'd known her then like I do now, when they met..if I could have stopped her from being with him, but..I doubt it. She feels that he needs her. And he is needy, if you haven't noticed." Tess went on to talk about Sal.

Puck shrugged as if he wanted to stay on the fence about this. They had to get along. It was the four of them now in a farm house.

"I picked up some sweaters on clearance at Dollar General. I mean, they were only six bucks a piece. Who could pass that up, you know? They're cheap, but nice. They zip up. I got myself one and one for Molly too." She broke up pancakes in pieces then. "I can just bet Sal will take it away from her."

"But, but its a woman's sweater, right?" Puck couldn't help but smile. He bit into a slice of pancake then dipped in a glob of syrup.

"Doesn't matter." Tess shook her head. "He might as well be a crossdresser. He loves her clothes. I dunno. If its.. that he wants it because its hers, or he just likes what she wears."

"Well, don't worry. I promise, I will  not wear your clothes." It was a promise Puck could keep. He took another sip of coffee.


lucy and sarah said...

hahahaa..I loved Puck's last line.

Lux and Stan said...

Tess & Puck. Funny, to talk about this.

meg said...

I wonder if Sal will take the bait?

Holly said...

hahahaha..poor Molly.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I love Puck; he always makes me laugh! :P

She is Sara said...

lol I love how Puck is so easy going. I hope Sal learns from him, sometimes I think he has it in him.

Cait said...

Oh, Puck, he's a keeper.

Yesha said...

Lol. What a big deal. Puck is cool.

Meg said...

Jeez, Sal sounds creepy!

ivy's closet said...

I wonder if he'll wear that sweater or not?? Sal.