Saturday, January 15, 2011

a tangled web

"Are you sure about this?" Molly was a little skeptical about them moving in with Tess and Puck. It would be weird. "I see you all the time as it is. I don't know how you stand me?"

They were at work. It was a dismal day. She was ready to go home, but she just got here.

"Oh, come on. It wouldn't be forever." Tess told her to lighten up. "We can do this. The four of us."

"Yeah, the four of us." Molly hugged herself. It would be great. Maybe. She sighed though.

Just then Jory gave her a quirky smile as he came into the library to get ready for work. She couldn't help but smile back. Why was he so easy to work with? Why did he make her day when he didn't even know it?

Well, she wasn't thinking about bills or what she might be plagued with next with Sal. Jory was just sunshine. And she was glad he was here, but she hated that she felt this way too. She had a boyfriend, a lover, but it was the ball and chain aspect of it that clung on to her like a hurtful tattoo. Sal could be childish and stubborn. It was his way or else. She couldn't explain it. Maybe it was having to put up with his problems. But there was no problem with Jory and..and she watched him go. She was back to this new complication with Tess.

She'd have to give this plan a chance. She knew. Sal had jumped on it as if they were going on a caravan to Mars. He couldn't hardly wait and she couldn't let him down. It was just..they were going to have throw a lot of stuff away before they moved in. And she knew it would be her things. Not Sal's. No way was Sal parting with his Starwars crap...even if he could get some big bucks off e-bay for it.


better days said...

Molly seems troubled.

cait said...

I do have to wonder if she feels she far in over her head with Sal.

lucy and sarah said...

Molly needs a good friend, but is it Jory?

ellie said...

I do wonder if Molly is ready for this.

It's a Girl said...

i hope they can make it work.

She is Sara said...

I hope Sal realizes what a great girl he has got.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Sal needs to open his eyes and see the fabulousness standing right in front of him! :)