Friday, January 7, 2011

time to make a home

Puck yawned. Yes, he was listening. Listening to every thing Tess was saying. He had the TV on mute. He was tired. He could be in bed right a deep sleep. But she was talking about somebody at work. Patrons. That was it. These two kids. Teenagers.

"They just met and moved into an apartment with their friends." Her eyes were so big, and her smile. It was a smile with an opinion. It was one that was wanting him to sense the right thing to do. The right thing to say.

"And?" He looked at her sleepily.

"Well." She looked away, gave him a deep sigh. "Since-you know." Her shoulders heaved in a little as she kind of hugged herself.

"Are you going to make me guess?" His smile was sly and really, he hadn't a clue what she was getting at.

"You know." She winced.

Puck drew a blank. He pushed his hands through his thick hair and rested them on his neck. She was killing him here.

She was talking about this teenage couple moving into an apartment with their best friends.

"Are they still in high school?" He winced.

"No, they graduated. last year." She said ever so dully. The corner of her lip twitched, slightly. He watched her mouth as if he watched it enough, he'd know the answer she wanted.

"You know  how hard it is right now for Molly and Sal. You know, her car, not quite new and his new KIA." She looked at him blankly. "They're strapped."

Puck nodded as if he'd hate to be Sal. He really would, sharing sandwiches with his girlfriend, sometimes wearing her clothes because he could.

"And you know, I'm-I'm sleeping with you now." Tess reminded him ever so innocently. As if he had been this merge of some sort that neither one knew when it exactly took place. But it was done and it was OK. Like a tattoo he couldn't live without now.

He shot her a look. That was just temporary, he thought. A hibernating thing. They weren't really sleeping together. OK, it was definitely sleep. Just sleep.

"All right." Puck said it before he knew what he was getting into.

"Really?" She smiled so brightly then as if it were all his idea, instead of hers.

"I guess so." Besides, he saw Sal everyday as it was.


lucy and sarah said...

This was made me smile.

ellie said...

Is this a good idea?

Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope this isn't a mistake. :/

Yesha said...

I hope it's going to be really exciting. Lol.

meg said... did she talk him into that.

She is Sara said...

Awww! Tess is such a sweetie, this is great for them :)