Saturday, February 5, 2011

another day

Molly could smell him coming. He was the patron who rode his bicycle  to the library, even in the snow. There were shards of ice in his dark beard. He unloaded a stack of heavy sci-fi books on the counter. And waited for her to get them checked in.

Molly hated to smile. He smelled ripe of sweat and decay. She could hardly hold her breath long enough. She cringed when he went to the stacks.

"He's like our very own Joaquin Phoenix." Tess informed Molly as she took the books to put away.

"What are you saying Joaquin is crazy?" Molly looked at her.

"He's just different. Actually, Jay's lost a lot of weight since riding that bike. I remember him coming in here, pretty fat in the beginning." Tess nodded.

"Do you know him?" Molly looked at Tess in disgust.

"I've helped him find books. He's not that bad. He's pretty smart. He just lives with his folks, and he won't work so his dad makes him go on a bike everywhere." Tess shrugged.

"How do you know all this?" Molly almost laughed.

"I got a lot of time on my hands, sometimes." She sighed.

Molly shook her head," I don't know why, but when I saw him..I thought know who"?

"Dax?" Tess winced. "Why?"

"He's kind of dirty." Molly thought.

"Dax is just hairy." Tess told her. "Jay, well, he might really be bachelor of the year if he cleaned up. I bet he cleans up nice."

"What are you saying? You'd go out with him?" Molly looked at Tess as if she'd lost her mind.

"Like that's gonna happen. Jay doesn't date. Jay reads. He reads a lot of Sci-fi." Tess sighed.

"Do you and Puck..." Molly had to think a to say it. "Date?"

"Id have more luck with Jay.".Tess smiled. "I'm just his roommate.Better yet, his little sister." Tess went off to wait on some little girl who had accidentally ripped off the nose off a teddy bear. She swore she didn't mean too. Molly watched Tess. She was sure Tess might even cry over the missing nose. She promised she'd see that the bear got to the doctor.


cady said...

I liked the description of the guy. I wonder if he's going to clean up and surprise Molly.

meg said...

Oh, I feel sad for him..but I'd have to get away from him. Tess is so different from Molly. Its like some things don't phase her at all.

Holly said...

Tess doesn't let much phase her. She's something. & her reality of Puck..I'm just hoping she'll wait for him and won't go off..with just anyone.

Through My Eyes said...

Seems interesting enough lets see where this leads...

She is Sara said...

lol I hope this guy comes back, he seems interesting. I hope Puck comes out of his shell, I think he likes Tess.

ellie said...

Tess is unphazed by so much.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope Tess just gives Puck some time - he's a great guy. :/