Wednesday, February 16, 2011

crazy happy

Tess sighed as she walked down the rows of shoes. She turned back to Puck. Laughter filled her up. This was the craziest Valentines day ever.

All he'd asked was a simple question. "What would you really like?"

She could have taken him to the expensive mall. He wouldn't have minded. She'd even thought of taunting him at Victoria Secrets, but she didn't want to be that naughty. What was the next best thing? Well, shoes of course.

They were at Target.

"Are you sure this will do?" He didn't sound confident as if he'd already let her down.

"Yes, this is perfect." She wanted to be out of these heavy army boots. She'd trudged enough this winter in the snow.

Immediately, she found the gold wedges. Something perfect for, some place warmer than here. She wanted them so she grabbed the box.

"Are you going to put on a style show, sometime soon?" He asked even if he were still far away. Almost in the children's department.

"Possibly." She almost winked. Such precious rope wedges, she sighed. Then she looked up to see the peeped toed pumps. They had these here? Why didn't she find them sooner? She'd been here months ago and there wasn't anything slightly runway status. Now they had peeped toed cuffed booties. And now there was a cool platform boot she'd seen all the models wearing on those websites she scanned, sometimes. She bit her lip. Did she see the word CLEARANCE? She thought she might pass out.

"Whats wrong?" He finally came closer.

"Nothing." She smiled.

"I see you found more than just a pair." He noticed.

She bit her bottom lip.

"Looks like we're in luck." He slightly teased as he grabbed the boxes of size 8. She stared at him. How did he know what size she wore?  She really hated to even admit she was size 8, but Molly's feet were bigger. No way was she sharing any of these shoes with her. He took several boxes to the bench with him where she needed to try them on. She looked back at the pink strappy toed sandals. She guessed she should bring at least a pair to Molly.


meg said...

Its funny how things like this can make you happy.

ivy's closet said...

Shoes make everything better.

She is Sara said...

Shoes are an addiction!

L said...

Every girl loves shoes. :)

Ahhh sorry about that. My format wasn't right so I had to fix it, but I didn't realize it until after Cady told me. ^^;

Cait said...

I'd be happy too. Shoe shopping.

cady said...

I enjoyed this.

"She really hated to even admit she was size 8" . . . amused me. That was so totally me a few years back.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ah, shoe shopping...absolute heaven! :)

Through My Eyes said...

I have huge feet too, but shoe shopping can be fun if you know what style is best. Isn't it funny how much fuss we can make over our feet?