Saturday, February 26, 2011

far far away

Jory was listening. Hanging on to every word Molly said.

There was a time when they hung out. Constantly. They'd gone to prom together. He'd taken her to her very last dance at school. And she was a princess in a strapless red dress. Thats the way he wanted it to be. Still.

Unfortunately, there was that other guy in the picture. Just a friend she said then. Just a friend.

Of course, he was crushed when Sal started seeing Molly. Really seeing her. There was no dating. He stuck to her like a magnet. And she let him. He always knew Sal was jealous of what Jory had with Molly. Always would be. Always.

He stared at Molly intently, there at the end of the night at closing time in the library. Alone now. He'd cut the lights.

"I don't think...seeing this Jake Gyllenhaal guy is the answer." Jory told her. He'd looked at this dude, before. Seen him around the library, fixing doors and air conditioners. He smelled like a machine, an old one at that. This gave Jory a bad taste in his mouth. He could not let her make, another mistake. "Do not go out with him."

"I haven't even broken up with Sal, you know." She grabbed her bag as if she had to go.

"Right." They'd gone through this on occasion, how she'd think she'd broke up with Sal, and she could do what ever she wanted. Then she'd wake up and realize it was just talk, a dream...nothing. "Maybe..maybe you just need a night away from him."

"I couldn't." But she looked so tired and troubled.

"You could." He shrugged as if it wouldn't be a problem. He got out his cell and dialed Tess. No need to text. He'd just have to think of something.

"Hey, Mol and I are gonna hang out. Maybe..." He stared back at Molly. "Maybe, all night."

He didn't really listen to what Tess said. Just silly stuff really.

"What? She gets a girl's night out, without me?" Tess was her usual self.

"Yes, I'm afraid so." He cut her off before she made another joke. He went over and put his arm around her as if she was his oldest friend in the world.  Maybe he really was. "Come on, lets get chocolate chip mint ice cream and watch Vampire Diaries."

Molly didn't say much. At least he didn't live far. Didn't even have a car. She always gave him a lift home, anyway.


Yesha said...

I hope they'll have a good time. I just think they both need it.

cait said...

Looks like Jory might be making a move.

She is Sara said...

awww Jory is so sweet :)

meg said...

Oh, Jory. What is he up to?

ellie said...

I dunno if this is the best thing to happen, but who knows.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Jory is adorable...what a sweetheart!! :)