Saturday, February 19, 2011

the humdrum

"I'm just trying to understand it." Molly swirled her straw in the thick smoothie that she'd gotten on her lunch break with Tess. They were away from work so they were making the most of it. But she was picturing it, in her head. Tess and Puck, together in a motel room. Drinking alcohol. First thought, they were playing a game of whiskey shots. See who could out last the other before their vision blurred into oblivion.

"Well, what did you want us to do? Get a DUI? I didn't want Puck to get arrested." Tess winced.

"So, you just left Sal and me on our own to worry about you two." Molly fretted slightly. Possibly, she was making more of it than it really was. So what, Tess nor Puck would pick up on their cell.

"Sorry. Was that so awful?" Tess squinted hard as she took a spoonful of her broccoli cheese soup.

"Was it fun?" Molly couldn't help but ask.

"I guess. We just got some sparkling wine. Had a roasted chicken. Mashed potatoes. The works from Baker's." Tess almost laughed then. "It was. I dunno. He's a sweet guy."

Molly tried her best not to glare back in envy. Things were not perfect with her and Sal. There were the little things that annoyed her about him, but then again, who else could put up with his craziness. One moment he could be a very old man thinking the worst of life and how bad his own had been growing up with a single Mom who left him on his own a lot and then he could suddenly start talking about how happy they could be, some day. Just not today.

"Don't you like the shoes?" Tess reminded her of the gift she'd given her.

"Yeah. They're adorable." Molly sighed, wondering if she'd ever wear them. As it was, she lived in a world where she wore flats, everyday. These were shoes made for a special occasion. There were no real special occasions in her life.

Why did she feel she was falling deeper in the quicksand of her nature? She nursed her creamy strawberry drink then. She knew it wasn't a terrible life, but would there ever be anything amazing about it?


Through My Eyes said...

I am not sure whether Tess is being reasonable, or just mean. She confuses me sometimes, I guess that is the same with Molly.

ellie said...

I'm sure Tess was being a little careless there..yet, I can see why she might not have called too. I feel bad for Molly. Its as if she has fallen out of love, or something.

meg said...

I don't think Molly is happy.

better days said...

I am still wondering about Tess and Puck..Did they or didn't they???

Cafe Fashionista said...

Molly seems so unhappy lately; I feel bad for her. :(

cady said...

I love how she feels about the shoes. It's such a realistic detail. And "Why did she feel she was falling deeper in the quicksand of her nature?" is gorgeous.

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