Tuesday, February 22, 2011

not much of a tale

"Well?" Sal was dying to know what went down. "You two in a motel room. Alone." He was almost a clown with delirium. Of course, it wasn't much fun smoking alone.

There Puck was with his hands shoved deep in his gray hoodie over his dark gray coveralls.

"Maybe its not about the sex." Puck sighed with a laugh. "We just enjoyed ...each others company."

"Look." Sal was getting ancy as he toyed with his cigarette. He came closer dancing about with a fit he needed to put a rest too. He finally lit the cigarette and practically blew smoke in Puck's face. "The longer you wait, the more you stagnate in the friend zone."

The cigarette calmed his nerves ever so slightly.

"You two had the place to yourselves." Puck shrugged as if that had to count for something.

"Well, it would have been OK. If you two weren't on someones mind. The entire time, practically." Sal sucked on the cigarette and let out the smoke as if he might be nervous about something. "I finally had to get out some Prince Caspin book and read myself to sleep. Read half the book, actually." He sighed then as if maybe it was an entire waste of time.

"Sorry." Puck sighed. "I'll remember to call next time."

"So there will be a next time?" Sal gave Puck a sly grin.

"See! That's why I don't want to call. Because, god knows what might be going on in your head." Puck glared back at Sal who'd smoked the cigarette as quickly as he could just to light another.

"I want you to get more than lucky with her." Sal smiled. "I heard she's pretty good in the sack."

Puck rolled his eyes. "Don't make her sound like a prostitute." Now Puck was furious with him.

"I'm pretty sure she does it for free." Sal was all grins.

Puck wouldn't take anymore of this. He rammed Sal into the cold hard wall ready to strangle him. He pulled the lit cigarette out of his mouth and stomped it on the floor. Finally he let go and walked away from Sal who wasn't going to dare ask any questions.


jasper hale fan fic said...

Oh, this could really wreck their friendship.

ivyoaks said...

Sal so deserved that.

Through My Eyes said...

I started laughing when puck made the comment, "Don't make her sound like a prostitute." But Sal did deserve that. I really did not expect that at all.

She is Sara said...

I really want to like Sal, but geez he needs to grow up.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Sal can be a huge problem sometimes! :/

Holly said...

that inside joke about Prince Caspin..was something, too. Sal thinks he's funny when he's not.

meg said...

Sal is quite mean, sometimes.

ellie's desk said...

Sal, what ever has gotten in to him???

cady said...

These sorts of things can really get out of hand. It's so unfortunate, but accurate.

Cafe Fashionista said...

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Yesha said...

Oh noesss. Not good eh. :|