Thursday, February 10, 2011

times up

Sal got the skillet sizzling while Molly chopped up vegetables.

"Whats Tess and Puck doing?" Sal looked back at Molly who was working over a zucchini. Sal didn't wait for an answer. She had a butcher knife, and he knew she wasn't in the mood for small talk. He tossed in the thin slices of cut chicken breast, and took a look at the rice starting to boil. He put a lid on it and turned it to low, just leaving a crack for air. It would all be done in about twenty minutes. Sal was the short order cook.

"What we should really be thinking..did Michelle have her baby?" Molly finally looked up at him.

"I guess. Maybe." Sal didn't want to dwell on it. Could they not speak of her? His ex-girl friend. He thought of a big black X across her face when he thought of her. He knew how she operated and his brother was an idiot, being with her.

He took his favorite spatula, and went to work on the chicken. He had seasoned it with garlic and onion powder along with a bit of soy sauce and vinegar. And his secret ingredient. Red pepper.

"Oh, no you didn't. I watched you very carefully." But he could see Molly's nose was stinging.

"What, you know it'll open your sinuses." He shrugged his thin shoulders as he kept after the stir-fry with the spatula.

"But my stomach doesn't like your spicy foods." She reached for her own pan then and squeezed in to the back burner to stir-fry her own vegetables.

"Seriously? Are you serious?" He festered a look that it hurt  his feelings that she would do such a thing. He knew who the better cook was. "Fine." He went to the fridge and cut up a jalepeno to put in with the onions, carrots and celery in his creation. Finally when it was sizzled to perfection, he poured the sauce he'd made before hand, all over it. Then tossed in some peanuts too. Oh, it was perfection, he thought. But there Molly was with her stir-fry vegetables. How could they still be so different, after all this time?

"This is just like last week, when I finally found out that you didn't like TAXI DRIVER. How could you not love that movie?" Sal reminded her. "I bet you never liked FARGO, either." He went to serve up his dish to the others. He left her in the kitchen. Just why was she so worried about Michelle's baby? He wasn't going to dare ask.


She is Sara said...

These two. SO much bickering, I think they need a vacation.

lucy and sarah said...

Always something to keep them going.

Cait said...

You just never know what you might find out about..each other.

Yesha said...

LOL @ this: He thought of a big black X across her face when he thought of her.

That's how I thought, too, when I'm reminded of my ex. :))

Cafe Fashionista said...

The dialogue they share with one another is so much fun - playful banter and bickering! :)

cady said...

HAHA . . . this reminds me of this one break-up text I saw . . . "You NEVER liked my indie bands! I looked on your iPod and all I saw was Britney Spears!"

meg said...

Oh, the things they share and how they have to compromise.

Through My Eyes said...

This was very excitive, the dialogue and all, I finally found out that you didn't like Taxi Driver. When I read that I thought taxi driver was a video game (: