Monday, February 14, 2011

unraveling the seams

Was this it? All Valentines day might have to offer?

He seriously felt he'd intruded a family gathering, but both Sal and Mol had insisted that Puck and Tess should come.

Maybe Molly was right. Her mother had brought a guest. A blast from the past. Stevie, her old beau was home. Molly was dreadfully playful with Sal and of course, he ate it up, as if Sal were a happy puppy that couldn't get enough of her attention.

Puck looked at Tess who kept looking at the Chinese year place mats.

"So what do you want to do for Valentines day?" He whispered as he put his arm behind her on her chair.

"Nothing." Her words made his heart ache. That couldn't be true, could it?

"Do you even like chocolate?" He smiled.

She shrugged.

He looked at the group at the long table. Conversations varied from the weather to Justin Beiber actually staying in the presidential suite at a nearby hotel.

Soup finally came, but Puck kept looking at Tess as if he needed to do something. He was sort of hoping a lonesome signal of some kind that had to get them out of this mess. But she was silent as she went to her egg-drop soup. His was just too hot.

"What?" She looked at him out of the corner of her eye. "You want me to find a date for you? Is that it?"

"No." This cracked him up. "Don't you know I want to be with you?"

Her spoon clinked as it hit the bottom of the bowel. She wiped her mouth clean and excused herself.

"Where are you going?" He winced.

"I need some fresh air." She didn't wait for him, but he followed. She stood there at the corner, as the sun shine hit her. She hugged herself in her brown jumper with her thin knit black and white stripped sweater underneath. The wind that blew over the snow bank was cold and bitter.

"I dunno if I can do..this with you." She shrugged.

"What? Exactly are we doing?" His shoulder next to hers, leaned more as if he could shield her from the cold.

"You know." She wouldn't say. "Look, I-I am not good enough for you."

"Why do you say that?" He looked her in the eye.

"I dunno." She shook her head.

"Well, you're sleeping with me." He thought that meant something.

"Yeah. So. I normally don't sleep with people I fuck with." She admitted.

He nursed the corner of his bottom lip.

"Are - are you still seeing him?" He guessed he could ask. Maybe he didn't know anything.

"No." She looked as if she might fall apart.

"Then what is it?" He wished she'd tell him everything.

"OK." She cleared her throat. "Dax was at the house one night."

"What?" Puck squinted hard. How would he not know this?

"It was know, I started-" She looked as if she might lose it the cringe she made. "I - I didn't know. I was asleep."

"He was in the house? He was in my house?" Puck shook his head. Now he festered a frown of disgust. "I want to kill him. I want-"

"No. No, you're better than that." She grabbed his hand then. He felt her cold fingertips, he warmed her hands in his own then.

"Are you all right?" He asked.

She shook her head. He put his arm around her. She cried on his shoulder. Somehow, he had to make this Valentines day right. He would.


She is Sara said...

He is such a sweetie! I love how he is always there for her :)

lucy and sarah said...

Well, I wonder what it'll be. I'm glad he's there for her.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Swoon at Puck - he is the sweetest!! :)

ivy said...

He's a sweetheart. Tried and true.

Em [the writer] said...

Aw Puck <3 <3 <3

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thanks :)

cady said...

That made me think of that one scene in Secret Diary of a Call Girl where Belle says she never sleeps with clients.

I liked the detail about their hands.

Through My Eyes said...

How can a person not like chocolate?