Saturday, February 12, 2011

we try

It was after dinner when Molly's cell vibrated. She got it in time. Her mother was calling.

It was about their little family outing. Everyone meeting for Chinese and she was sure to get her chocolate heart, along with a bag full of perfume, soap and a battery operated tooth brush with toothpaste to last the next six months.

"I dunno, Mom." She looked over to see that Sal was on his cell too.  She nibbled her bottom lip as she watched him.

"What do you mean? Romeo isn't going to sweep you off somewhere and give you a diamond ring, now is he?" Her Mom's snide remark only made Molly frown more.

"All right, I'll meet you for lunch." She sighed. She looked around wondering what exciting things anybody else might be doing for this silly holiday.


"Don't you dare think of setting me up." Molly's eyes sprang open as if her mother must be up for something. No way could she get Sal to go. He liked his alone time in bed on Sunday morning.

"Did I say that?" She was being mysterious. "He's not coming, right?"

"I dunno." She said quietly.

"We both know the answer to that." Her mother was sullen, but Molly promised she'd be there. She clicked off her cell just about the time he did. He'd been walking around in circles. He slid his cell in his back pocket, but then slip it out because it wasn't his old phone. She knew his habits. He put it on the end table  in the livingroom and flopped next to her on the couch.

"So what's her plan?" He laid down then and put his head in her laps so he could watch TV and she could rub his head of dark curls.

"You know." She was mute about it. "Who was on the cell?"

"Kramer." He sighed.

"Well?" She was waiting.

"She's got a kid." He shrugged.

"Well, I didn't think she'd have a cat. Is it a boy or girl?" Molly wanted to know as she got her fingernails on his scalp.

"Ow." He let out. Then squinted hard. "A boy."

"What did she name him?" Molly wanted to know.

"Shit." Sal popped back up and scowled at Molly. "Those are dangerous fingernails."

She just gave him a dead stare.

"She named him something ordinary like James or David. Might have been both. I wasn't really listening." He shrugged.

"What are you going to do?" She thought he should do something.

"Nothing." He looked as if it was a pitiful situation. "She has Karmer. He loves all that dad stuff. Why do you think he's there? His wife won't let him have a thing to do with own, you know. Besides, you know how Michelle makes me feel all suicidal."

She looked at his wrists. And remembered how he'd slit them and ended up in the psych ward one weekend, but that was before they actually dated. They were friends then, and he'd come over and wait for her to get off the phone when she'd be on the phone with the one who went into the AirForce. It was like he was hiding out from Michelle.

"Come with me tomorrow." She said quickly.

He pressed his lips tight.

"It'll aggravate your Mom, so much." He couldn't help but smile.

"Then you have, too." She told him.

"Sure, Babe." He kissed her on the cheek then. But she touched his cheek with her finger tips, and with a little guidance, he kissed her lips as if they might be made of sugar. She smiled. Just what did her Mom have planned?


Yesha said...

*evil grins* Hehe.

lucy and sarah said...

This was funny and sad.

Lux and Stan said...

I wonder how that'll turn out, with the parents.

Holly said...

I like them.

cait said...

They are a fun couple.

ori said...

I love their conversation!

Through My Eyes said...

Nice couple, I wonder how Michelle is doing, if she makes a person feel suicidal?