Friday, March 11, 2011

coming clean

Sal stared blankly at Puck. "Funny, I thought all those cold meds would make me feel better. I think I've actually got a cold now." His throat felt dry and raw and he didn't think he could budge from the bed. He was in one of Puck's flannel robes, with little airplane designs on them. Sal doubted Puck had won this robe since elementary school.

Puck had already called work. They were both playing hookie today.

"We need to make you an appointment." Puck told him. He was dressed  in something that wasn't work coveralls. He looked spiffy in his red plaid hoodie over The Who T-shirt that Tess had given him at Christmas.

"An appointment for what?" Sal stared at Puck as if he had no idea for what reason.

"So." Puck hesitated before he lost it. He closed his eyes, and sighed. "So you can figure out what the hell is wrong with you!"

"I'm not going to the fucking doctor!" Sal pouted. "Besides they'll just give me pills, I don't need their fuck'n pills." He scowled.

"What was that last night? You were taking pills!" Now Puck was losing it with that angst dance of his, as if he were fighting to keep in step.

"No, I wasn't. There was some Nyquil, and...and..."

"Just stop it! Stop being a stupid shit! AND TELL ME. Sal, what's going on?" Puck glared at him.

Sal looked away. He sighed. "Dunno what to do." He shook his head, with a bit of a shaky manner. "My life is shit, OK. And..and I don't know what to do. I can't get out of it. Can't make Mol's life any better." His throat felt so raw.  He needed water before he choked.

"Well, that's nothing new, now is it?" Puck said so bitterly. "Give me details, will you?"

"Its complicated." Sal shut his eyes tight. "God, I don't know where to start. I really don't." He felt as if he were breaking down, all over again. It felt so set in stone. The truth. But not the real truth. But the forgotten truth. "See, when..when 'Shell..found out about the baby, she'd just married that fucking Army shit, just to piss me off. And..and she tells me, you know, lays down the law, that I'm never to breathe a word of it. About me and her. Cause, you know, I'd blacked out..." He sighed. "I was told, that this baby was not mine. It would never be mine. But some how this husband of her's, finally saw what she was. And then the annulment didn't get through. She had the papers, but she kept this act up with his family that..they were great, you know. I know she did. And she kept going on how this kid was his. Now I have my brother, who..fuck'n cares too much." Sal felt sick again. "Then...well, to make things worse, her husband was killed in a roadside bomb." Sal breathed in and out. "All his family wants the baby to be this junior now. And..and I just have to let that go, you know. I thought I was fine with it. But I'm not. I'm not Puck. I'm not fine with that fucking lie, Puck."

Sal felt so cold, as if a poison in the air was making me him sick. He felt his teeth chatter which made his body shake more. He gritted hard, but it would not stop.


cady said...

Oh God . . . poor Sal. What a mess.

meg said...

Sal does have a lot to deal with and put up with. Hopefully, his brother will help.

a book of short stories said...

I love their conversation.

Lux and Stan said...

So sad, but I can see that happening.

ellie's desk said...

Yes, Sal might be on overload here.

Yesha said...

Oh my. I can relate. With such kind of "nightmare". :x

Cafe Fashionista said...

Gah! Sal is bound to have a breakdown from all of this! :/

She is Sara said...

I am really feeling bad for Sal now.. :(