Monday, March 28, 2011

the price you pay

"Are you sure we have everything you need for a baby?" Puck was walking around as if he were clueless, what do first. He'd gone out and got bottles of distilled water for formula.

"I think you have a knack for it." Tess sighed. She looked back at him while she was getting dishes washed from the last snack everyone had to have, banana and peanut-butter sandwiches.

"I don't know what to do." He was about to panic.

"Its not even your kid, OK." She looked at him as if he was stressing for nothing.

"I know that. Its-its being prepared. That's all. The house has to be baby proofed. I'm not ready for this." He looked scared.

"You've got time. Seriously. Not like he's going hop out of the bassinet and come scare you in the middle of the night." Tess went about her business, rinsing and so on.

"God, do things like that happen?" Puck stared at her as if they had a cobra on the lose in the house.

"Relax." She came over and put a hand over his shoulder. "You're doing fine."

"How do you know? You've never had a baby?" He looked at her. "Have you?" He winced, then.

"I may have done a lot of things." Tess sighed then. "But I haven't robbed a bank and I haven't had a baby."

Puck tried to laugh, but these were two serious things, and he really hoped Tess didn't rob a bank, anytime soon. "But..but you're OK with kids, right?"

"I guess. I just don't think of having one of my own, anytime soon, but you know, every now and then I'll see someone at the library and think, I could do worlds better than they could with a kid."

" this'll be good practice, right?" He felt optimistic. He grinned then. He'd be a fantastic uncle, wouldn't he? Puck nursed his bottom lip. It wasn't like he had to be on call twenty-four hours a day about the baby. It was, after all, Sal's kid. But then again, who was going to baby Sal? He looked at Tess, thinking it would take all three of them to help Sal.

"Maybe, maybe you should go over with me again about those Pampers they wear." Puck nodded.

"But aren't they going green?" Tess asked.

"They just have what the hospital gave them." Puck went to his laptop then to look up reusable diapers. He studied how expensive one reusable diaper was. At least 20 bucks. He wondered just how many diapers a baby lived on. He gave up. "Well, its not my job." He knew it was a lot of money to raise a baby. He just didn't know how much until he saw the price of diapers.


ori said...

hahaha..I never think of him stressing.

She is Sara said...

This was adorable, I am loving Puck more and more :)

Holly said...

Puck is so funny. & its cool to think Tess might really be a good Mom.

cady said...

Babies are indeed very expensive and very stressful.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Puck seriously makes me swoon - love him!! :)