Wednesday, April 27, 2011

going the distance

"What happened exactly?" Sal felt he'd missed Easter. Christmas felt like yesterday. It was as if he had no control over time. All he really wanted was to have a good eight hours of undisturbed sleep. He wasn't even sure if he could understand what Molly was saying. Clearly she was upset, but he could only do so much while carrying a baby and trying to feed it, at the same time. "Do you realize the price of pampers have gone up two bucks, since last week?" He hadn't meant to say it, but it was true. What other awful things were happening in the world?

"Sal!" Molly finally got his attention. "You need some sleep."

"What?" He winced. He finally noticed the bottle was empty. As if it was all in fast forward.

"Just give me the baby, OK." She looked at him as if he needed to hand the baby over. Now.

"No." Sal yawned. Dez was snoozing beautifully. He understood that. He put him in the crib only inches from the bed. "What's..what is going on Mol?"

He came back to her and took her hand. They could have a quiet moment, just sitting on the bed. Even if his black wife beater was a tad messed up, and he wasn't sure how long he'd been in these flannel pants. They could sit here for a minute or two. He'd shower and then...

Sal looked at her, out of the corner of his eye. Some sex would do the trick. He'd be energize then. Everything would be the way it should be.

"Tess and Puck are getting married." Molly sighed.

"When?" Sal winced hard. "Are you sure?" Was he dreaming now? Was there wedding going on now? As if he could tune in and watch it like Will and Kate's big day.

"That guy, I didn't even know she went out with, stopped by the thing I know, she's planning a wedding next month at the park." Molly looked so sad about it.

"What do you want me to do about it?" Sal didn't get it, but she was crying. It was a quiet cry. Like, possibly, she didn't want him to notice but he did.

"Look, I need shower. I really do. And we'll decide what we need to do." He stood up. Slowly. He looked around, thinking which way the bathroom suddenly was. He yawned and stammered his way there.

All he could think of... was the hot water hitting his face. It finally did after he waited for the temperature to warm up and he got out of his clothes. His thin body stayed under the water for some time. He finally thought of soap. As he smelled the sweet smell of Dove soap. it hit him. Molly wanted to get married. What a fool he'd been to think she hadn't thought on it more. It felt like a race now. He'd never thought of getting married as a race. Not until now.

He winced hard as he tried to move as fast as he could, but he just didn't seem to have the energy. Finally he got out and came back with the towel wrapped around his middle. But he saw Molly was asleep. She had her shoes off but she was in her work clothes.

Damn, if he hadn't wanted to nap with her. But he wasn't going to bother her. He cut the lights. He'd take what sleep he could get, but at least, he was in the buff. He always slept better in the buff.


ivy said...

Poor Sal.

Cait said...

Sal..maybe he is changing..

griffin said...

I feel really bad for Molly and Sal has his hands full. Fun last part, though.

meg said...

Sal is plenty lost.

Lux and Stan said...

Well, a lot has changed. I hope Molly will make it through. Still can't help but think Sal will always be Sal.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Sal is a confusing guy. :/