Saturday, April 23, 2011

it could be grand

Puck could hardly think when he got home from work. It had been a long day, but he pulled out the frozen ground meat. He would make tacos tonight.

Just as he was getting the ground meat to cooking in the skillet, someone sneaked up behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist.

"It must have been a good day." Puck smiled. It was comfort to know that Tess had a way of letting him know exactly how she felt. But then again, he thought she might be falling asleep on his back.

"Yes, it was." She strained to tell him in his ear, ever so quietly. She let go and he turned back to see her sleepy yawn. Perhaps, she was dreaming, already. "How do you feel about getting married next month?"

"Next month?" That was a little short notice. "Huh." He didn't want a long engagement. Exactly, but this was soon. "Really?"

"Yeah, I think I'm ready." She smiled with enthusiasm.

"OK." He'd be up for it too. He sighed as if to breath in her excitement. "What do you have planned?"

"Nothing." She stared at him.

"What do you want me to do?" He was puzzled. But happy.

"What do we do?" She winced.

"A marriage license? A church? Pastor?" He shrugged. "Just how big do you want to go?"

"Not that big." She told him. "How about the park? That could be free?"

"Maybe." He guessed.

"Well, I want a party, but not huge. A simple affair. You know, maybe just a cake. I'm not expecting gifts are anything." She smirked as if she would find a cheap way to have a wedding.

"OK." Puck nodded, but he knew people would give them things.

"I just want a wedding at the park. Anybody can come. It'll be in the Gazebo."

"Well, I'll see if I can call about it." He hoped it wasn't first come, first serve. Puck smiled. He wanted to kiss her, but the hamburger meat needed tending too. Perhaps he was multi-tasking, already.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I just hope they're not rushing into anything. :/

The Cat Hag said...

They seem perfect for each other. :)

The Cat Hag

griffin said...

Oh, I think they are jumpstarting it now.

lucy and sarah said...

Wow, so now its gonna happen.

Lux and Stan said...

Wow, won't this be cool.

meg said...

Well..let the wedding bliss start..;)

She is Sara said...

Aww! This was sweet :)

Cait said...

Puck would do anything for her.

little t said...

They are a perfect couple!