Tuesday, April 5, 2011

looking back at the future

God, what he'd give for a cigarette. Truly, who would have thought to have left Sal alone with a baby? He was floundering here.

Yes, for the first two days Puck was right there with him, showing him how the pampers taped on. Just like Kramer had told them. How the temperature was just right with the formula by testing it on the wrist. Honestly, Puck was a lot better at this, than him. Sal watched how Puck held the infant. All so loving and like a real dad would.

Oh, he was having a breakdown of sorts. He needed a cry on the front steps. Only Dez had beat him to it. Not on the steps but in his crib. Sal shivered. That kid had a set of lungs, all right. He paced a bit pulling his curly of hair practically out of his head.

He just didn't know if he could take it. But there the child went again, laying on his back in the bare crib. So many things he had to worry about. He went over and looked at Dez, his round mouth opened red, blaring like no tomorrow. There were little mittens on his hands, he wanted to claw himself, Sal supposed

Sal pressed his lips tight. If only Puck were here. Or Molly. She was good at this too. She loved to watch Dez sleep. Soon as she'd get in bed, immediately, Dez seemed to noticed.

"Oh, baby, you've been changed, you've been fed. I burped you twice." Sal was deep in his baby woe sorrows. He'd even danced around with Dez along with a little singing "Raspberry Beret." But to no avail, just a cry. A helpless cry prevailed.

"All right. All right ..allright allright.." His teeth clenched. Finally he got up the nerve to pick the baby up, ever so clumsily. He was afraid he might drop him right there on the mattress. "What can I do..what will I do?" He knew cigarette would have to wait. He'd promised to quit. He was. Some day.

So Sal held the baby close to him. "You are a doll." He did his best to keep his tone sweet. "If only you were, but you're not."

He kept staring at him as he made his way to the couch and sprawled out about the cushions with him and turned on the TV, looking for something good. Finally, OPRAH. "Lady, please save me." He muttered as he noticed Dez was starting to calm in his arms.

Sal sighed.

"You're much to young to watch OPRAH. This is her last season, then what? Hmmm, what will you watch? Soap operas? They're ending ALL MY CHILDREN. Then what? We won't have a thing to watch at lunch, now will we? Its a horrifying world out there, little fellow."

Dez's lips made a mouth move as if he were sucking. And then the baby farted so loud. Sal couldn't believe it. You would have thought he was holding a football player. Dez could definitely pass gas. Sal laughed to the point that his whole body shook.

"Yes," Sal smiled. "You are my son. Truly, you are." Sal smiled, watched a little of OPRAH, but really it was Dez he watched.


lucy and sarah said...

I loved this.

heath and nick said...

This did make me giggle.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Too adorable! :)

L said...

That made me grin. xD It's amazing how loud a baby can be.

Thanks for the comment, Orion will catch a short break eventually. He just has to wait for it lol

better days said...

Oh, I think Dez is perfect for Sal.

She is Sara said...

hahahaha this was cute!

Holly said...

They are quite a pair! hehehe...

Bex said...

This made me laugh.