Saturday, April 16, 2011

open season

Was he coming on to her? Was he? Molly was too tired to even care, but the Jake Gyllenhaal guy had been close to the circulation desk most of the afternoon.

"Don't encourage him." Tess whispered in her ear as she edged Molly to the other end of the desk at the children's area. Sometimes, that counter felt like miles.

"I'm not." Molly sighed as she looked over her shoulder. Those sleepy big eyes of his, looking at her as if she dangled any conversation in front of him, he'd chew on it an extra fifteen minutes.

"Its probably just spring fever." Tess rolled her eyes, keeping her voice low.

"What are you talking about?" Molly winced, but Tess had a young patron to take care of who was really into a stack of Curious George books. Molly stood there far away from the Jake doppelganger with her arms crossed. "Is there anything else I can help you with?"

Well, of course, there was. Something in science fiction, no doubt. He'd read some thing, some time ago, but he couldn't remember the title. Molly just wanted him to go away. "Maybe the reference librarian could help you." Molly did her best to shoo him that direction. She turned to Tess who wasn't busy now. "What about Spring Fever?" Molly wanted to know. Was that an actual disease or just mono?

"Oh, he dates about once a year." Tess shrugged.

"Really?" Molly gave her a dead stare. "And just how do you know this?"

"It doesn't matter, OK." Tess winced.

"You and him?" Molly scowled.

"He was desperate." Tess sucked in a breath. She grabbed a DVD to clean. She had to look busy.

"Were you?" Molly gave her a small round frown of disapproval.

"God, does he even know I exist?" Tess made light of it. "It was over two years ago."

Molly turned away from her, went back to the office behind the glass, but when she turned around. Obviously, some one did remember. He was inches away from Tess now. Maybe he was just waiting to get her alone.


Holly said... interesting about the doppelganger.

Bex said...

hmmmm...I wonder if he wants Tess or Molly???

lily said...

oh, I wonder what Tess is gonna do.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Wow! This is a crazy revelation. :/

She is Sara said...

Geez, I wonder what he is going to do?

Ali said...

How is this going to turn out??

Holly said...

Oh, I want to know how this turns out!