Tuesday, April 19, 2011

say it ain't so

Tess didn't even see Riley there, at first. That was his name? She winced, thinking now, she might have been wrong, maybe there was some other guy who looked like him. But he'd already started talking without her permission.

Something about him, seemed older. She couldn't think wiser. She had a few choice words for him under her breath, like numb nuts, but she couldn't say that. She wouldn't. He wasn't nearly as bright as she'd imagined, even when they did go on that so-called date, which ended up being an outing at a honky-tonk. She'd watched him play pool. He'd shuffled the two-step with her on the dance floor. He was a bit like dancing with a turtle. She remembered.

Of course, she knew what Molly was thinking. Right now. Oh, just another one of those jerks Tess had sex with. Well, he might have wanted that. Maybe even now. But as she edged that sly little smile of hers, hopefully he remembered how she kicked the crap out of him too. He was like wrestling a bear. But that was the most of it.

"Did you see my engagement ring?" She practically shoved it in his face.

"Is that what that is?" He winced as if he couldn't see much to it. "Don't this guy know, what a real engagement ring is suppose to look like?"

Tess seethed instantly. He would not touch her. No way.

"Its an air-loom." She explained. "And I love it." She shot him a look.

"You don't say?" He looked her over as if he were looking for signs of age. Something to disgust him. "When's the wedding?"

"This summer." She decided. Maybe they'd do it like the Royals. Announce it and be married in two months tops. Possibly.

"I didn't think you were the marrying kind." His eyes so bright... almost made it hard for her snap back at him.

"Well, I've kissed my share of toads and frogs." She shrugged, hugging herself then. "Finally found one worth keeping."

"What about that rich dude? You were going to marry?" His serious sad eyes looked at her as if he'd take her away if she said the right words.

"He wasn't that rich." She smirked. "But really not my kind at all. You see, I've found my best friend. Maybe if you start thinking like that Riley, you just might find you, somebody." Tess backed away before she said anything that might taint her bit of wisdom she shared with him. "Oh, and Molly, she's just as good as being married. She's got a baby now."

"Really?" Riley looked shocked. He was trying his best to catch a glimpse of Molly's silhouette.

Tess almost laughed. She just nodded. Perhaps Riley got what he came for. He was out the door now.


Ali said...

Oh, Tess. She's something.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Tess is always full of surprises. :/

lucy and sarah said...

Oh wow..maybe someone decided for her. Riley.

ivy's closet said...

Oh, Tess..maybe she's wise now.

She is Sara said...

Hahaha go Tess!

ellie said...

Tess just knows how to make those comebacks. Molly might want to strangle her.

little t said...

Only started reading- I like the sound of this Tess :)