Sunday, May 8, 2011

all in a day's work

"So what really bothers you the most..about all this?" Tess thought she should ask Molly even if she did enjoy sitting in front of the dining-room window, letting the morning chill come around her. She sipped what was left of the coffee mixed with milk.

The guys had already left for the driving range.

"I-I guess..I keep thinking about Michelle." Molly shrugged as she warmed her hands on her mug of coffee.

"Stop thinking about her. She's the least of your worries of the moment. She's given up her rights to Dez so that leaves you." Tess told her.

Molly glared as if she didn't need to hear this from Tess, but Tess didn't care. Finally Molly took a sip of her coffee.

"Things are lot more relaxed with Sal and Dez, than I thought they'd be by now." Tess smiled. "Guess they wore each other out." She couldn't help but chuckle. "I think Dez has given Sal a dose of his own medicine." She sighed then. Of course, Dez was in a deep sleep in Sal and Molly's room. He was definitely enjoying the long morning.

"Maybe you should wake Dez up." Tess got up then. She could hardly stand it. Him getting all the peace at the moment.

"What? Are you crazy?" Molly snapped. "Don't you go near him!" Molly got up too as if they might play basketball by the crib and Molly would guard Tess, away from Dez.

"What I'm saying, you guys have got to get him on a good schedule. You know, where he'll sleep at night. Not all day." Tess slyly smiled.

"He's just an infant. He needs a lot of sleep. Especially, right now." Molly winced. They both went to take a look at him. He was growing. His body full and long, filling out the baby blue sleeper he wore. Of course, his hands were covered. He had a way of wanting to scratch himself, but Tess had seen how Sal bite off Dez's little fingernails on the ends. She thought maybe she was living with a small colony of monkeys, perhaps. Still Molly made a point of covering Dez's little paws so he wouldn't hurt himself.

While they were talking, Dez woke up, looking at them puzzled. It wasn't long until they smelled trouble. Poo. He was quite congenial while he did it. There was something devious about his little smile.  As if they'd woke him for this very thing.

"I bet he's hungry now." Tess went to get him a bottle while Molly changed him. She knew Molly hated that part, but she was one to be thorough about how clean he needed to be. She could go through baby wipes on his bottom more than anyone Tess knew.

"See that's not so hard." Tess beamed, and then she saw what Dez had done. He'd whizzed right on Molly's chest. It wasn't just a little wet spot. "Nice aim."

Molly scowled and went to change out of her sleep shirt she'd been wearing. Next thing she knew Molly was taking a shower.

"Go easier on her, will you?" Tess talked to him as she secured his thick diaper. She picked him up then to give him his bottle. Really, she knew Molly should be doing this. "Don't you act like you don't like her, because I know you do." She watched him take the bottle as if he knew what Tess was good for. His long lashes fluttered into sleep. She had a feeling he'd have them all wrapped around his finger, one day.


She is Sara said...

hahaha this was fun. Little deviant baby :P

lucy and sarah said...

Oh, he's already an imp..I bet.

cait said...

Dez is something..hopefully, molly is OK..

Cafe Fashionista said...

What a crazy kid! :P

O V said...

Kids..gotta luv'm.

little t said...

Great post!