Tuesday, May 31, 2011

brewing in the sky

"What do you want me to do?" It came down to that. Puck knew. He was out back picking strawberries. He could see a storm brewing in the west. There was a lot more going on than Sal and Molly's predicament. He kept listening to Tess go on and on, how miserable Molly was. "You want me to give them money?" He looked up at her blankly. He thought he'd been generous, already. The couple did live with them. They weren't even paying rent.

"I dunno." Tess was mad, stomping about in the back yard. Puck got up then and gave her a fresh strawberry. But she was still in a mood. He looked up at the sky. It didn't look good. It was possible, the bad weather was coming. Maybe not instantly, but within the next couple of hours.

"I think they should get Dez." Puck just said.

"Why? Don't you want them to have a honeymoon?" She squinted hard.

"Some day. Just not today." He sighed, thinking of all the tornadoes that had hit other places but not here. It could happen. It was a violent season. "It would be a good idea if we are all here." He went back to picking strawberries. It was just a small patch, but they were beautiful and ripe. If he didn't pick them, they'd be left for the mice. He'd leave them enough, but not the entire crop. He asked her to hand out the bottom of her shirt so he could fill it up. "Just tell them, they better get the baby." He picked more of the strawberries after she headed in.

They'd be safe in the basement. After all, he had a concrete room down there. It was ready with supplies. Even a bathroom. No, this was no time to have all that much fun. It looked like bad weather on the way. He hoped Tess looked at the sky, but he knew that wasn't on her mind.

Puck gathered more of the plush strawberries in his shirt. He headed in. Just his luck, he'd have to take Sal to get Dez.


meg said...

aw..Puck..that's the kind of man you want.

Lux and Stan said...

There are more important things..like weather. Sometimes.

ivy's closet said...

I really think they should get to the basement.

She is Sara said...

Puck is such a great guy, always thinking of everyone else.

cady said...

I like how Puck's handling this. It was sweet of him to leave some strawberries for the mice, too.

Holly said...

Puck's so caring.

griffin said...

I like him.