Saturday, May 28, 2011

fit to be tied

"Are you crazy!" Tess cornered Molly after they got back from Trader Joe's. "You, two. Just..did it." And she wasn't talking about sex in the car or any of wild thing Sal might do on a whim..but marriage. "Just like that. The justice of the peace."

"Well, there was no waiting." Molly shrugged a bit indifferent.

"BUT WHAT ABOUT US!" Tess blew up. It was suppose to be a celebration. Something to take pictures of. Tess always imagined she'd be Molly's maid of honor. She would have a bridal shower to plan. She'd be there every step of the way for the happy occasion.

"You know, we can't afford a wedding." Molly was practically mute. She didn't look like the happy bride. She was in jeans and an old Jr. Friends of the Library T-shirt. What an awful outfit to be married in, thought Tess. She bet she didn't even wear lip gloss.

"You could have waited." Tess told her. They were back in the bedroom without the baby. Sal's mother still had Dez. It was so quiet. The guys were putting away the groceries, which was mainly wine and beer.

"No." Molly shook her head. "It would have given him time to change his mind." She was serious. "And..and I've invested too much time with him and all the things he wants. Everything we own is in my name, anyway."

"Molly, you sound like you're out for vengence. You sure, you aren't thinking of killing him?" Tess glared at her.

"You ever wanted what everyone else has, but you don't know how to get it?" She looked as if she could spit bullets.

"OK, we know Sal's a fuck'n Moran, but that's beside the point." Tess gritted. "You still deserve to be happy."

"I don't want to start over, with anyone else." Molly sucked in a breath. "I really think we can be happy one day, just not today." It was as if she'd given up on the matter. She'd have to wait for that possibility like the lottery.

"But-but..why did you do it?" Tess winced.

"He's family." Molly shrugged. "And..he's pretty good in bed. Why not make it legal?" It was as if Molly had nothing to be surprised about.

Tess nodded. She couldn't think of Molly with anyone else but Sal, but damn if she didn't want to knock some sense into that man-boy that Molly called her husband now. Tess, bit her thumbnail in thought. What was she to do?


cady said...

WOW. That's a huge step. I definitely understand why Tess is so pissed.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I don't blame Tess for her reaction at all! :/

ellie said...

I can see why Tess is upset..but Its Sal that we are dealing with here.