Wednesday, May 25, 2011

let them eat cookies

Sal was looking for the maple leaf cookies at Trader Joe's. His mother had given him a box. Now he was at the grocery store with Molly. He knew he owed her a lot. But at the moment, all he could think of were more of those cream filled cookies. It wasn't cheap beer or wine or the like, just something simple to go with hot tea or a mug of coffee. His days were wildly sober.  Of course, there was a glimmer of hope, that maybe if they made this quick, he and Molly would get back home and do something with themselves that didn't pertain to childcare. After all, his Mom wanted some grand-baby time.

"I don't even know what these cookies look like." Molly was getting perturbed. This was where retired hippies shopped.

"Yeah, well, I downed the whole box in about ten minutes." He was looking hard at the row of cookies behind the cold counter of  microwave foods. "Sorry. I should have just kept the box." He knew. He really didn't think it was all that organized here. People who worked here were just having too much fun. Some guy was carrying around a big Question mark sign. Sal finally figured out he worked here so he stopped him for help.

But then Sal knew he's asked too much by that silly grin on the hippie's face.

"Well, my wife, needs them." Sal suddenly pulled Molly into the conversation, who gave them both a dead pan look that she hadn't a clue what was up. Thankfully, the clerk went to find the cookies.

"Why did you do that?" Molly winced as she looked to see he had his arm around her shoulder almost gangsta style.

"I dunno." Sal said rather nervous as he brought his arm back down. "Why can't I?" He kept glaring as if the cookies were her idea.

"We aren't married." She clarified.

"Not yet." He said as if it were a very small technicality.

She remained even lipped as if she were waiting for him to say more. Sal half rolled his eyes and sighed.

"Jesus, you know your folks are expecting a big wedding." He wished he could just hire someone to take his place and then he'd fall back into the routine of things with her. Of course, nothing was the same with Dez around. No sex. No sleep. Not even a cigarettes.

"I never said that." She was bitter.

"OK, then, lets just trot on down to the justice of the peace and get it done." He almost threw his hands in the air. He did have the time now. One more week before he had to go to work.

"Really?" She looked at him serious.

"I guess." Sal shrugged. Just then the clerk with the big Question sign showed up with the maple cookies.


lucy and sarah said...

but is he serious???

ivy's closet said...

Oh, Sal, always putting his foot in his mouth or going over his head.

meg said...

Should they really go for it??

cady said...

Wow. That's going to change things, definitely.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope they're not jumping into things. :/

Through My Eyes said...

WOW. I think they both need to think things out.