Monday, May 2, 2011

practice makes perfect

"There are things I wish I were better at." Yeah, that's what was bringing Molly down. Perhaps there weren't enough hours in the day. She held on to her morning mug of coffee as she watched Tess flip an egg as if she'd been doing it since she was a kid. Tess might not have been a gourmet cook, but she knew her way around the kitchen. Especially at breakfast. She dished it up and slip some bacon on it, along with a slice of toast and gave it Molly.

"Like what?" Tess looked up at her.

"Being somebody's girlfriend who's boyfriend has a kid." Molly sort of laughed, but not really.

"Why don't you write a book on it. Bet there aren't many books on the subject." Tess almost winked as she got Molly some juice.

"Yeah, right." She sighed. "Its just..I really don't know what to do for Sal." She shrugged as she bit into the buttered toast that she wished Tess hadn't buttered because she knew she didn't need the butter, but she ate it...

"Well, Rome wasn't built in a day, and you can't think what to do right away when you get the lottery, either. It'll take some time, Mol." Tess grabbed her coffee then and leaned at the kitchen counter, watching Molly attempt breakfast. After all, everyone had eaten but Molly, who had over slept.

"I guess you and Puck have it all figured it out, don't you?" Molly couldn't help but resent the fact that they had a blank slate ahead of them. They could make a great future. Nothing could hold them back.

"Not really." Tess squinted. "You just take one day at a time, and enjoy it. Because Puck is like that, and..and I've decide I'm not going let the past get in the way." She smiled with a shrug then.

"I think things will be better once Sal gets back to work." Molly would try to think positive. "He's got daycare right there in the building."

"So have you held the baby much?" Tess wanted to know then.

"You know." Molly felt a bit flustered then.

"Maybe you need to spend the day with Dezi." Tess grinned. "If you want, we could spend the whole day with him. Let the guys go fishing or something."

"You know Sal couldn't keep quiet, to fish." Molly rolled her eyes.

But before Molly could get Tess to understand, guess who thought they should go golfing? Puck was making plans as soon as Tess said something to him, who was off in the laundry room folding clothes.

Molly didn't want to rain on their parade. She hoped Sal hated golfing.


Cait said...

Molly might not be up for this.

She is Sara said...

Poor Molly, so much at once!

meg said...

I can understand why she'd feel this way.

lucy and sarah said...

Poor Molly.

griffin said...

Hope she helps with the baby.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Awww...I feel horrible for Molly right now. :/

little t said...

Oh the frustration! Poor Molly.

the oaks said...

I hope Molly won't feel to bad about the baby..

simon and josh said...

I'm glad she's got Tess.