Monday, May 16, 2011

where it might land

Puck wondered where that goofy hat came from that Sal was wearing to the golfing range. He slung the golf club around his back and walked around with it like he might always carry his tools this way, or Sal might go into a high kick dance number with the golf club.

"You don't really know how to play golf, do you?" Puck looked over at him.

"Can't say that I do." He yawned then and a sneeze came soon after. He looked ready enough. Sal was in some pale pants and striped polo shirt, but he still wore his black high tops. Puck didn't feel nearly as stylish in his jeans and favorite MISFITS T.

"Well, neither do I." He confessed as he looked around at all the old men getting the golf balls out, ready to whack.

"Really?" Sal winced as if he'd lost all confidence of the day, out at the golf course.

"These were my grandmother's golf clubs." Puck shrugged.

"Are these women's golf clubs?" Sal took a closer look at the club.

"I wouldn't know." Puck told him. "We'll just do what everyone else is doing." He set down the golf balls as if he did this every Sunday morning.

"What the hell are they doing?" Sal looked around as if he was even afraid to try.

"Just hit the ball." Puck directed.

"Well, I do feel like hitting something." Sal sighed as he looked for other's form, for this adventure. He wiggled into place. Got his feet straight, put the iron next to the ball. He stretched the iron back then and took a whack.

"Now doesn't that feel good?" Puck found himself laughing. Of course, neither were sure exactly where that ball landed.

"I think you're right." Sal grinned back. "I won't get tennis elbow, will I?" He looked at Puck.

"How could you? This is golf." Puck said, as if he'd know.

Sal just nodded and whacked another.

Puck could hardly contain himself.

"What is so goddamn funny?" Sal wanted to know.

"You haven't had a cigarette yet." Puck reminded him.

"Neither have you." Sal shrugged. He whacked another, with more confidence now.

Puck had to catch up. He was definitely ready to whack some balls. Why had he brought up cigarettes? He was doing so well, until he mentioned them.


meg said...

such funny guys!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Boys are so funny when they get together! :P

ellie said...

Tennis elbow..well, glad they are having fun!

griffin said...

I bet they need to whack some balls!

She is Sara said...

haha I think this was a good outing for them!

Holly said...

Oh, it would be hard to give up that habit.

cady said...

This was hilarious.

I bet he was thinking about cigarettes the whole time and didn't even realize it until he said it out loud.