Friday, June 10, 2011

here and back again

Sal had a lot of things on his mind, but one thing that wasn't, telling his mom about Molly. He wanted to grab Dez and be on their way.

"But he can stay." She was all sentimental, going on about his baby pictures and how much Dez favored him.

Sal had heard enough to want to pull his hair out.

"Mom, there's the storm coming, we gotta go." He edged his way toward the door, hanging on to Dez in his carseat.

"No, don't go!" She had plenty of food. "Stay here, baby, please." Sometimes, he wondered who he was talking to. She never sounded like that when he was growing up. Usually, she was gruff with the boys, ordering them around. They'd get smacked if they didn't do what they were told. God forbid if they complained about the food, they were doing great to get a happy meal from MacDonalds. Now she cooed over the baby, and she was so sweet. It was irritating Sal every second he stayed.

Sal stopped listening. He was out the door and it wasn't until they were down the interstate that he wished he'd told his Mom that he loved her, but she just wouldn't shut up.

"It just feels good to have Dez with me." Sal finally nodded as he sat there watching the baby sleep. "I would have never stopped hating myself if I'd left him with Mom and something happened." The whole day had been topsy turvey with Molly. Now it felt as if they'd gone through with some dare. But it was real. It was done. They were married.

"We'll get down in the basement. There's food down there." Puck mentioned on the drive back.

"You got any booze in that room?" Sal looked over at Puck with a sly grin.

"Only for emergencies." Puck grinned back.

Sal looked up at the dark green cloud they were driving into. "Well, hell, this is an emergency."

It wasn't long until they were back at the house. They brought Dez inside. Then they went back out and put tarps on the cars, just in case if it hailed. Puck didn't think it would be worth it, to put the cars in the old barn. It would probably blow away anyway if a tornado came.

Molly had prepared some extra bottles of formula for Dez. The powder ready inside. All they'd have to do was add bottled water. Now it was just the waiting. Waiting for the sirens to go off.


meg said...

I'm glad Sal wanted them all to be together.

Cafe Fashionista said...

It's nice to see them together and happy! :)

Through My Eyes said...

Aww. . . :)

She is Sara said...

It's good that they are being safe :)

ivy's closet said...

I think this will open a new chapter for them.

ellie's desk said...

I wonder what's next???